Geez it's been three episodes now and I -still- can't get over how adorable mini-Rue is.

The starting episode narration reveals how Drosselmeyer can still write stories that come true beyond the grave – he simply wrote in his own blood when his hands were cut off that he would be able to do so. Pretty damn badass if you ask me. With the story suddenly veering into directions he hadn’t predicted (the ‘word of love to save the prince’ came from Rue and not Princess Tutu, for one thing), he decides to step in.
Mytho cannot fight the Raven, who now has Rue inside her, nor can he regain the last shard of his heart within Ahiru’s necklace, because she is unable to take it off. Using this to advantage, Drosselmeyer forces Fakir to weave a tale of despair for Ahiru; whose inability to take off the pendant lies with the fact that Mytho has chosen Rue over her; she does not want to return to being a duck…and most importantly, she does not want the story to end. But Fakir fights back…

Mytho's back in business, and he's....actually pretty badass.

...until he gets captured. Way to go there.


Man he is one creepy bastard.

Well wow, this episode actually, truly, blew me away.  This show has always pulled off some pretty impressive things in my eyes, but this episode was really one of the best I’ve seen. After all this time, I’ve come to really love these characters and watching their ups and downs, their triumphs and failures, fast became a moving experience and this episode in particular was full of that kind of emotion. Emotion of the BAAAW kind; the plot has become an angst-fest of massive proportions, doing things neither I nor Drosselmeyer predicted, yet it doesn’t feel forced or overblown. Besides, an episode where Mytho shows depth of character is quite an episode.
This episode also had some of the most macabre elements I’ve seen yet in the show itself…this show was never intended for kiddies, and to drive that point home here we have a rain of blood and Fakir stabbing himself in the hand with a pen. (Something that honestly squicks me. First I see it in Durarara!, now here…is this going to pop up in more shows I review?)
What most touched me was Ahiru coming to terms with her fear of the story ending, and gaining the courage to move on and finish things. I’m going to follow her example and(although the review won’t be up for a while after) do the same thing later tonight. It’s time to finish this anime.

...this is exactly how I feel right now. Me not being able to blog Princess Tutu for long stretches of time is considerably less dramatic though.

This is pretty and all but all I could think was 'OUCHOUCHOUCHOUCHOUCHOOOOUUUUCH'

Way to make me cry, Uzura.

Fabulous Prince Time is go.

Full marks.