Vocaloid PV Post -Extended GUMI Edition

Image by Ako on Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=12014587

Nico Video seems to have been hit with a sudden wave of Awesome in the past two weeks, and a notable spike in GUMI PVs as well (never mind that her birthday was over a week before this…). This post has more videos than normal because of this…but also because this will be the last PV post for a few months due to me going back to university and limited internet and all that.
In vaguely-related-to-Vocaloid news, the Black Rock Shooter OVA is out and people have started to blog about it, it seems. I won’t get my copy for a little while longer (I’m getting the issue of Animedia it comes free with, which ships a bit later than the other two magazines it’s with) but I’ll be reviewing it. Provided I can tear myself away from Project Diva 2nd.
Kagamine Rin: RinRin HIGH☆MIND
Music and Lyrics: naname-ue
Movie: daigoman

Another plain adorable boppy happy love song, although it’s also a rather addictive one with some uplifting moments. The song’s main flaw is that it goes on too long – over a minute too long as a matter of fact. (the whole musical interlude part is really quite superfluous…)Which is a shame because it’s quite a nice, feel-good kind of song in small doses.
The animation is quite nice and vibrant, with some lovely artwork – however Rin’s massive starey eyes look a bit creepy in some parts. But dang does she look cute in that tennis get-up. Much like the song, the PV part of the musical interlude is also…pointless, and I don’t really see the significance of witch-Rin all of a sudden.

Hatsune Miku: Wonderland to hitsuji no uta( Song of Wonderland and Sheep)
Song: Hachi
Video: Minakata Laboratory/Southern Research Insititute

Stop the press; it’s a Hachi song that doesn’t really sound like every other Hachi song! True,  it’s defintiley a Hachi; I could tell the second I heard it…yet it has a slightly different vibe, possibly because it’s more upbeat than his songs tend to be.
This song is about…a person riding a sheep, going to a colourful town with bizarre spirits and people with masks and something about finding a brand new light and…..okay I really have no idea. But it’s a fun tune and a real earworm.
As for the PV, it’s breathtaking. People have been making the Ghibli comparisons since it came out, for good reason; there’s a very heavy Ghibli vibe in this strange world and its inhabitants. (Plus the scene with the tunnel can’t not be a Spirited Away reference). Minakata have really outdone themselves this time, whilst the actual character animation is good but not truly stunning (when compared to some other top-tier Vocaloid PVs)the amount of detail in the backgrounds is, and looks like backdrops right out of any  professionally produced anime. It’s all very whimsical and delightfully strange….but I really have no idea if the protagonist is male or female, does anybody?

Top Pick #1: Megurine Luka: Secret
Song: Original by aRth
Video: SeihinP(honourable poverty)

…Well.  Here’s a song where I most certainly have no idea what is going on…but that’s the fun of it. If Wonderland and Sheep is Ghibli-inspired, then Secret is quite Gaga-inspired (speaking even as somebody who doesn’t even like Lady Gaga, even). A very bizarre piece of electronica with english lyrics – not that it makes things any easier to understand. All I’m getting is that Luka is very, very confused. This song is not for everybody – the voice is very strangely tuned…it’s a very rare variety of high-pitched Luka that creates a different persona entirely; and the effect is either something you like or don’t. I quite like it – the song is  also quite the earworm.
The video is a fantastic piece of work; stylish, confusing, beautiful animation, a very nice, younger version of Luka who is either having some kind of weird dream or some insane drugs. Also, that cat creeps me the hell out. Wherever your Vocaloid preferences may lie, I think the video is definitley worth checking out, it’s pretty impressive.

On to the GUMI then…

Koi no Tokyuu Miracle Messenger/Love Express Miracle Messenger
Song: Buriru
Lyrics: amekkoro
Video: Atata-P

d’aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. This is all pretty self-explanatory – adorable Love Express Miracle Messenger Very Cute Cupid Gumi fairy is here to help you with your love troubles – as adorably as possible. Her voice is a little high and robot-y, but depending on your view that makes the song even cuter. I also think the ‘talking’ sections were handled quite well; perhaps Gumi is just better at ‘talking’ than the other Vocaloids.
If you’re familiar with Atata-P’s videos you know what to expect – heapings of adorable, and that’s just what the video offers. It is the surefire remedy for a sad day…for me at least.

Top Pick #2:  Mosaic Roll
Song: Deco*27
Video: akka mirto

I think Deco*27 is aiming to be Gumi Master – and this latest video shows that this goal may have been obtained already. A fantastic rock song in its own right; Gumi’s voice really adds to it. She’s beautifully tuned.  The song seems to be about the balance between Gumi’s two selves – the light and dark….although they want to destroy each other, they come to an understanding of needing eachother in the end. That’s how I saw it at least – whether the dark Gumi was vanquished or merely retreated I’m not entirely sure.
The PV is fantastically done, very stylish and all around pretty bad-ass. There’s an almost Zetsubou Sensei-esque quality to the art style – something about the lineart or the eyes, and it looks great. This PV was incredibly popular – I didn’t have time to look through all the fanart it spawned on Pixiv, but there was a considerable amount (and of course I chose my favourite one for this post’s image, although there are likely even more great ones I havent seen yet)

Song: acane_madder
PV: hie

This song evokes a similar mood to Bokura no 16 Bit Wars – the bad-ass Gumi in the video also helps with that.  It’s a very slick little song with some great music, about spy-Gumi’s quest to get hold of a Pandora box. Doesn’t she make a cute little spy? It’s a shame that it seems to have been knocked into obscurity already, but that’s the Weekly Rankings for you.
The video’s decent enough, and also includes a cat, only I like this cat. This cat doesn’t scare me like the one in Luka’s Secret does. Basically spy-Gumi is just really awesome, almost as awesome as Detective Len’s Silly Assistant Gumi.

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