It's hard to see, but there's actually glitter on the cover!


This artbook was released in 2008, and is much, much more improved compared to the first Angels book.  The biggest change is the paper quality. No more low quality paper! Instead, we have thick, laminated pages that make colors look vibrant.

This particular book in the Angels series focuses mainly on the second generation of Angels.  The first section in the book introduces the new group of girls (referred to as the GA II girls) in a series of nearly full-body pictures and a bunch of chibi drawings.  The next section concerns the GA I girls.  As you can see from the following pictures in this review, Kanan’s artworks got a lot better and more refined in only a few years.

Probably my all time favorite picture of the GA girls.

The next section is titled GAI & II Collaboration Side, which basically just means the GAI and GAII girls pictured together… though it’s mostly just Milfuelle and her little sister, Apricot. (Yes, Milfuelle actually has a little sister, surprise surprise!)

Milfuelle and Apricot. ...Yes her sister is named Apricot.

The last and biggest section (all the sections before were only about 20 pages long at the most), is the GA II side, mainly featuring only the second gen girls, though the first gen Angels do make an appearance here and there.

These two pictures would make nice posters. And I would totally buy them orz

To tell you guys the truth, this is actually my favorite book in the Angels series.  This is because this book is all basically new material that hadn’t been printed in any past artbooks (although you’ll still be able to find a lot of it on the internet, from past magazines, posters, etc.).  It’s also the thickest artbook in the series.  This thing is a whopping 160 pages, making it the thickest artbook I currently own.

Lily (blue-haired woman) and Tequilla (purple-haired woman) acting out a scene from "The Little Mermaid," apparently.

Once again, the book is mostly composed of full page spreads, though there are many more two-page spreads also.  (And of course, a few pages with multiple pictures here and there.)  Although the book still sticks to its “clip-art like images on a blank background” style, at least Kanan made an effort to do some backgrounds in some of the pieces.  Which brings me to the next point…

Kanan’s art is at one of its high points in this volume.  Judging by the pictures, you can tell that she’s trying to experiment with more intricate layouts and more complicated poses.  The “clip-art” style actually helps in this case, as most of her works are so complex that a background would surely take away from the impact of the piece.  And if you think her costume designs were good before, you haven’t seen anything yet.

I would totally wear Kanan's designed dresses if they were actually made in real life.

I don’t actually like the GA II girls as much as the GA I girls, but I still can’t help liking them more after looking at this artbook.  Either Kanan’s a really good artist, or I’m just really petty, ha…

I find it strange that a picture of our earth is included here, because the GA universe doesn't even take place within/near our solar system but I digress...

Unfortunately, I’m probably going to have to end my review here. I can’t find much wrong with this artbook, which is where the bulk of my reviews usually come from.  I would highly recommend this artbook to basically anyone—if it were easier to find.  As of now, it’s out of print. (Even though it’s only been TWO years at the most.)  Once again, not everyone’s going to be as smitten with Kanan’s style as I am; and if you hate girly, cutesy things, then stay far, far away from this book.


You can also find quite a few of these images already on the internet, but you’re missing out on a lot of the larger, higher quality works.

If you really want to buy it, try here:

They’re the only place I know of that legitimately sells them (new and used).  Of course, there could be others that I’m missing. (And of course, E-Bay sells them too, if that’s your kind of place.)