This time, the cover is made of pretty foil material.

More lovely back-covers! As is par for the Angels line of artbooks.

Angels III is the last artbook of the Angels series, and is possibly the last GA artbook ever, based on how things are looking right now.  Fortunately, the high-quality paper gets carried over (woohoo!), so the print job is as nice as the last one.

What I’ve forgotten to mention in the last two reviews is that there was an index at the end of every book, detailing every image used.  This has been removed in the third book, where they decided to just have the detail listed right under (or above) every image as it appears on the page.  I don’t mind this, as the detail (where the image was first published, and the date) are pretty small, and don’t take much away from the pieces themselves.  However, I found the indexes to be rather helpful (when glancing over the artbook), so I do kind of miss it.  Ah, well.

Hello there manga-only character.

The first few pages of the artbook is under the “Special Illustration Gallery.”  I can only suppose that they are pieces that Kanan did solely for the artbook, as none of them have any dates.

Yes, that is older!Vanilla. She looks very lovely!

The next section is color works, which take up roughly a half of the artbook.  Angels I was focused on the first generation of girls; Angels II was focused on the second.  Angels III naturally focuses on both, and both are given about an equal amount of spotlight.  Since the color works section features the latest artworks, it’s more heavily based on the GA II girls, though.

Something tells me Kanan began to have a penchant for drawing clock gears…

Fortunately, in this artbook, Kanan’s works just keep improving.  These are arguably her best works from the GA series.  Since the GA II series was ending, Kanan just pulled out all the stops.  Of course (as said in past reviews of the series of artbooks), not everyone will like her style.  Kanan’s art does improve, but her style still remains distinctive.

That pink-haired girl’s name is Natsume. Based on how often she appears in official art–very little–I don’t think she’s very popular with Kanan.

The next section of the book is titled “Works Selection,” and is just that—a selection of pieces that Kanan did over the course of the GA series.  This part… was personally a rather big disappointment for me.  I think about one-third of the pieces shown were printed verbatim from the first Angels book; which is nice for people who don’t own Angels I.  But for people like me who already own said artbook?  Yeah, it’s a little bittersweet.  Why bother making a new artbook if you’re just going to re-use art from a past artbook? In the same series, no less!

This is actually a new piece of art (for the artbooks). I just needed some space to fill between the WALLS OF TEXT. I’m really glad they decided to print this is color. (It’s a chapter image for one of the later mangas)

Okay, okay; maybe I’m being a bit unreasonable, here.  The Angels I artbook WAS released in 2005; whereas this was released in… I want to say late 2009.  Four years is pretty long, by anime standards.  (Seriously, things in the 1990s are considered “old-school.” And things older than that? Ancient.)  And, okay, I guess the producers wanted to push out at least one more artbook for the GA series; but I still can’t help feeling a bit cheated.  If they had the intention of re-using works from the beginning, why not pick all the other works that Kanan did for the series?  They could have, you know, NOT picked so many that were from the first Angels artbook.

At least the other (un-repeated) works somewhat made up for it.  They printed some of my favorite chapter titles in color.  And hey, even if there were re-prints, the paper quality and color quality are so much better.  Also, there are no repeats from Angels II (released in 2008).  I think re-using works from an artbook printed only a year ago would have been too cheap even for them.

…Do I even need to bother mentioning that I want a poster of this?

The last section is “G.A. Michi,” which is a collection of black and white mini-comics that Kanan did for some magazine (I forget which).  They’re all random and silly, and don’t have much to do with the main plot (manga or game).  For some people, this might seem like a disappointment, but I don’t mind.  At least they’re COMICS and not say… a short story.  At least there’s pictures so I can kind of tell what’s going on, even if I probably miss about half the jokes.  And unlike regular four-panel-koma, Kanan usually draws a really nice picture next to it, so you have the picture, THEN the comic.  So no complaints from me.

Kuromie! ;o;

Still, I wished they had included ALL the comics for posterity.  It instead starts from number 53, because that’s where characters from GA II are first introduced.  The comics end at number 100.

Overall, this artbook seems to be kind of a mixed bag.  It’s got really pretty artwork, but it’s hampered by re-using too much material.  If you haven’t taken a look/don’t own any artbook from the Angels series, I would highly recommend buying this artbook.  There are even quite a few that haven’t been posted on the internet yet!  But if you already own Angels I, well… it’s really your decision.  Being a GA fan, and even being as miffed as I was, I’d probably buy this artbook anyway, if I had known about the re-used material before-hand.

If you want to buy it, try these sites: (People who imported this product also bought Angels I… Haha, that was me. xD)

A little personal blurb, but…

I bought this artbook used.  When I got it, I found something tucked inside the front cover…

It was a special print featuring the cover artwork.  Since this isn’t mentioned anywhere at all on sites that sell the artbook, I’m assuming this is a special gift for people who pre-ordered.  It’s nothing big, but I’m still very fond of it.  So thank you, person who sold the artbook.  That was a very thoughtful thing, especially when you could have just kept it yourself.  Thank you!

And so ends the GA series, for good probably.  Farewell Galaxy Angel; it was fun while it lasted.

Long-haired Rico!