Megami Magazine September 2010 Issue

I only really got this magazine in order to get the Black Rock Shooter DVD that came with it, but I might as well review this magazine because I can’t read it. (*doesn’t know any Japanese*)

Warning: Image heavy!

Despite the cover being Strike Witches, I'm glad that it's not overly fanservicey.

First off, the Black Rock Shooter dvd.

Actual DVD case not included. No, really.

A DVD case isn’t inlcluded (for cost and packaging reasons), but the magazine includes everything you need to make an official looking DVD case. It includes the DVD (obviously), a BRS booklet, and the DVD cover (which you have to cut out).

Here's what it looks like inside if you put it together. Also, the DVD picture for each magazine is different. (For Animedia, Dead Master was on the DVD)

Once you put everything together, the whole thing looks really neat, even official! The DVD itself is just a 50 minute OAV with subtitles, but that’s good enough for me. (There’s subtitles in Japanese, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.)

The insert booklet doesn't have much in it, but it's still nice to own.

Since Itachi (Moeronpan) already reviewed the BRS OAV, I’ll just skip over to the magazine itself.

The magazine is… actually pretty high quality. Not ALL the pages are in color, but the ones that are… you can tell that the paper is pretty high-quality stuff. Not to mention all the posters that come with it, twenty in all. Sadly, most of them are beach posters (beach posters in Septemeber?!), which I don’t find that interesting. Still, the posters themselves are rather large and decent enough quality to hang on your walls or display elsewhere.

My favorite poster of the lot. (Kowarekake no Orgol) I actually ended up hanging this on my wall.

The Magazine also comes with a large double-sided poster with every issue. And when I say large, I mean LARGE.

That one girl from Angel Beats.

The large posters are usually the front cover image and a different image on the back. So for this issue, I got Strike Witches and Angel Beats! The Angel Beats! poster looks nice enough, but it’s too large for me… It’s like wall-scroll sized! I prefer my posters a little smaller (because I’m lame).

As for the rest of the magazine itself… it’s… okay. I’d totally get more out of it if I could read Japanese, because this magazine really does seem aimed at the otaku market.  There’s tons of ads everywhere, advertising the latest anime/games. Some of them are actually pretty nice looking, and because Megami magazine pages are so huge already, you could probably make decent posters out of most of them.

If I actually watched this series, I probably wouldn't mind making a poster out of it.
Ad for a Baka-Test themed trading card game.

Other than the ads, the rest of the magazine is dedicated to showing off things such as anime episode previews, voice actor interviews, merchandise, anime video games, upcoming season previews, etc. etc.

Project Diva 2 costumes.
The World God Only Knows anime! But geeze, Megami are you allergic to male characters or something. At least show Keima, the main (male) character!

There’s also two small manga previews included in this issue; one of Nanoha and one of a series called… “Pantsu Princess.” Okay.

A loli battle meido. Okay.

One thing I think is special to this issue is a bunch of character art showcasing basically the whole cast of the anime Working!!  I bet fans of the series would really like something like this.

These are too adorable.

Another freebie (other than the BRS DVD)  is a Chaos card, which is supposed to be used for the online card game. I got Himeji from Baka Test. I kind of wanted Hideyoshi… soley for bragging purposes, ha…


Yup, Megami is just a typical anime magazine, except more heavily centered on the fanservice aspect—which is why a couple eroge dating sim games get featured here too. (And yes, most of the magazine can be considered NSFW, though no actual “nudity” is shown) It’s not a TERRIBLE magazine… but so much fanservice and moe isn’t really my thing. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another Megami magazine, unless they package it with another dvd I happen to want… (Freebies! My one weakness!) If I ever do buy another anime magazine, I think I’ll go for different brand next time.

Is this worth buying for an anime fan who doesn’t know Japanese? The answer is: It depends. If you’re buying the magazine solely for the “extra” or “freebie,” then you wouldn’t necessarily care about the magazine anyway. If you’re buying the magazine for the magazine, then it could it could be a nice thing to own. Megami is known for always having a lot of posters included, so there’s that. But anime fans who actually watch the newer series (definitely NOT me) will probably get a bigger kick out of this magazine than I do.

Welp, at least I can say that I’m a “TRUE ANIME FAN!!!111!!” now because I actally own a Japanese magazine or something… (*shrug*)

This particular September issue is pretty much out of stock everywhere by now, but if you really want a subscription of the magazine, check out this place: (They only have two issues of this issue left so you better hurry if you want it) (The actual subscription to the magazine)

8 thoughts on “Megami Magazine September 2010 Issue

  1. Eduard August 31, 2010 / 7:35 pm

    Strike witches is the worst anime forever

    • moeronpan September 1, 2010 / 2:50 am

      It’s better than High School of the Dead!

      • Ariana September 1, 2010 / 6:16 am

        Even though I’m not extremely fond of Strike Witches, I have to agree with moeronpan here.

    • awindslowly November 11, 2010 / 6:56 pm

      Strike Witches is the best =D
      You don’t know what ‘you talkin’ ’bout.

      So glad I was able to get this for $15 off of eBay after it was sold out everywhere else. =D

      Strike Witches B2 Poster +1

      Thanks for confirming that the DVD has subtitles. Haven’t tried it yet!

  2. Hina August 31, 2010 / 7:46 pm

    When I heard the OVA would be included with magazines I thought it would just be the DVD in a plastic slip cover or something (as with every jrock magazine ever. ><) But the BRS set looks really good when in a proper DVD case.

    • moeronpan September 1, 2010 / 2:49 am

      :C I went the cheapass route (Animedia), which came with the disc only. I wish I could have gotten the spiffy booklet and DVD case thing D: Oh well. My disc has Dead Master on it.

  3. Nopy September 1, 2010 / 4:28 am

    I see you got a copy of BRS too. I’m actually happy it came with a DVD cover cause now I don’t have to print one off.

    • Ariana September 1, 2010 / 6:15 am

      Yeah, it’s nice that the dvd cover was included (for Megami at least).

      Thanks for the comment!

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