Woah, disappeared unannounced for a bit there. I’ve got quite a bit to get through at the moment, uni-wise.

Without further ado, the Silly German Face Show.

Germany gets another mission from his boss – to annex Austria, which he is reluctant to do. He isn’t the only one, either – Italy and Hungary beg him not to and try to stop him, but in the end Austria is all like this and so goes under Germany’s control without a fuss. He turns out to be a total leech, Germany mad.
Meanwhile, Boss Spain and ChibiRomano finaly continues with the edition of a plotpoint, as some white dude Turkey comes up to kidnap Romano. SPAIN TO THE RESCUE except not right now, have to wait until the next episode.

Seriously Germany's expressions throughout this whole episode were hilarious to me.

Necessary cap. Too bad it's not a gif...

Meanwhile, Austria just looks SO DAMN SMUG, and like he's judging you. Seriously. He's looking right at you, thinking he's all better and stuff.

I capped this mainly because it looks like Hungary is fangirling over the GermanyItaly fanservice going on in front of her. Well, she is a fujoshi after all.

Basically Germany’s really tsundere and angry which is always hilarious to me. That there is enough to make a good episode for me – of course an Austria is always fine too, and it’s been a while since I last saw him. I’m amused at how Austria manages to be such a total BAMF despite spending the whole episode sitting there drinking tea and being a demanding little bitch. Ah, I love him. You rock, Austria.  Also there’s some shiptease for those who want to take note – Germany’s pretty damn reluctant to have Austria go near Italy. (“I-IT’S NOT LIKE I CARE OR ANYTHING////” note:may not have actually been said by Germany in the episode but it may as well have been)
This is also the second time Hitler’s appeared in the Hetalia anime, again from behind, and again, like before, accompanied with this look of utter disdain from Germany. See, this is what I like about Hetalia. It doesn’t stereotype the country’s according to their leaders, but more their citizens, which is why I personally always hate it when people get so mad about ‘nazi Germany’ being moefied. He’s not ‘nazi Germany’, he’s just a poor country with an insane boss made to act against his will.  Wow, a semi-meaningful minirant on Moeronpan? Say it aint so!
Anyway, glad to see ChibiRomano continuing because it’s been too long. I just wish more could have happened; they waste a bit of airtime recapping what had happened before. But at least Turkey finally showed up…even though he looks ridiculous to me when he’s white. Sigh. So ridiculous this episode gets the Deen-fail tag, even though it was overall a good episode. It just contained some Deen-fail, right here. Spain’s dramatic “ROMANOOOOO” almost made up for it though.


....this would have looked so damn badass if his skin was the right colour.

lol, Germanytantrum. Acting like a tsundere little girl.

His delivery of the tea cracked me up. "I-IT'S NOT LIKE I WANT TO OR ANYTHING///"

Out of 5,