Sooo is this the season 3 finale, or…? I’m not actually sure if season 3 was set to have 24 or 26 episodes myself. Because honestly, this episode ends in the middle of an arc, so either it’s not the finale, or Deen knew all along they were going to get season 4 greenlit.


Time for All Spamano, All the Time again, as Spain comes to Romano’s rescue when Turkey tries to kidnap him.  Spain summons all his manry strength (and a bull) to free Romano, and Turkey is just all ‘lol whatevs’ and leaves. Happy end!
Except now it looks like Spain is in trouble with his boss; she thinks Spain would have been better of had he surrendered Romano or worked out a ransom; and saving him has put Spain on Turkey’s blacklist.


Fun fact: Turkey apparently knows Horse-speak.

I love how Turkey's all "oh okay"

nnn I want bronzed-Spain :C

First thing first, Turkey is a super BAMF, he would just be even more of a BAMF if Deen would stop being so cheapass and get some more skin colours, but I already said that in the last review. With that out of the way again; I really loved this episode. It’s one of those episodes where – skin colour aside (IT’S STILL HARD FOR ME TO GET USED TO SUPERPINK!SPAIN)- it’s really super to see it animated, because the original strips were some of the older ones (with the super ‘quality’ art and all). Plus, Turkey’s voice is really awesome here. He somehow sounded really pissy and weak in those GreeceJapan episodes, but now he’s in BAMF mode again. Plus his laugh is right up there with  Hosaka’s.
I think that any Hetalia episodes that have stupid-looking/stupid-sounding animals are generaly always awesome in some way; here we have a talking horse and a bull that yells out ‘BUUUUUUUUUUULL’ like a Pokemon. Both of which cracked me up to a ridiculous extent. Hetalia is totes historically accurate you gaiz what you talking about.
Next episode is the conclusion to the BossSpain/ChibiRomano story, which I have been waiting for since forever. (/the series started)

Haha, Spain is short.



wow Romano you are kind of a huge little bitch.

Out of 5,