Told you I’d be quicker this time.  Although I would have been even quicker if the internet didnt stop working for me last night.(literally right as I was about to click ‘publish’, can you believe it) By the way, did everyone else hear about the ‘prince’ of Wy painting Hetalia’s Wy? I’m interested to see if Wy makes it into the anime…although it would be kind of tragic if she did before Australia’s even gotten a strip about him. (For the record, despite being Australian, I had never heard about Wy before Himaruya made her a Hetalia character. It’s still hilarious to me that it’s even recognized as a nation, hilariously awesome that is.)

Oh boy, qualityflowers, just what I wanted!

It’s Japan’s birthday, but he’s forgotten how old he is because he’s such an old man who apparently has hip pains and wanders aimlessly around the neighbourhood in the mornings.  Germany wonders if his condition has anything to do with his ridiculously high-sodium diet, and thus imposes a sodium-ban on him with regular exercise.  But easier said than done.

At least the flowers look much better in the closeup.

I -think- he’s eating takuan. Protip: takuan is freaking disgusting, for serious.

I’m pretty sure Japan showed more expression in this episode than in the whole of Hetalia so far. Also, I want this face as a meme.

…somehow this cap is so cute. (am I the only one who thought Italy sounded more like he said BEEEEEEEAAAAR than ‘veeee’?)

Desperate/horrified Japan is something that really is funny when animated/voiced, so the entire segment about him getting so worked up over his beloved salty foods cracked me up a lot. In fact I think I enjoyed it even more than I did when I read the original strip (although it’s still a strip I liked a lot. The deadpan way Japan describes his creepy old man tendencies gets me every time. And people say Hetalia doesn’t make fun of Japan enough…). Some fun facts: Japan mentions mentaiko, or marinated cod roe (compacted into a kind of sausage shape) in this episode as one of the foods Germany makes him give up. This is the speciality dish of Fukuoka, apparently, and they sell the stuff everywhere, as well as stuff related to it in every gift shop there. (Even keyrings of Hello Kitty and Tony Tony Chopper dressed up as one. And the Melon Books mascot.) Why it’s so popular I don’t know, because I can tell you that the stuff is nasty. It’s very salty, and it also smells very bad. I remember we were apparently going to go to on an excursion to a mentaiko factory, which I can’t tell you about because I did not want. What does this have to do with the Hetalia review? Absolutely nothing, just sayin’. Japan could really do himself good if he stopped eating stuff like that.
Next Deen realized that now that ChibiRomano has wrapped up we need something else so it’s CATS, CATS EVERYWHERE. I vomited kittens, and those kittens in turn vomited rainbows which exploded into fireworks of candy which then became sparkling flowers which rearranged themselves into the shape of kittens again. THAT is how cute it was. There isn’t much else to say, other than Nekotalia was in volume 3 of the manga so it’s been anime-fied pretty damn fast. The cast are cats. That’s all. In other words=best. thing. ever. Screw all the haters complaining about ‘HOW DARE THEY PUT CUTE IN MY INCREDIBLY SERIOUSBUSINESS HETALIA’, I loved the hell out of this and am so buying the inevitable italianeko plushie.
Both segments of the episode are also promising for when they get continued (next episode? I hope?); Prussia comes in again for a rather amusing part in Japan’s Adventures in Dieting, and the rest of Nekotalia shows more of the cast, so that gives me things to look forward to. Anyway, it’s time for cat screencaps.





FULL MARKS because cats.