Who the hell picks the paintings the character's display in their homes, anyway.


Yeah writing troll-reviews is fun and all but now I’m returning to your normally scheduled Incredibly Seriousbusiness and Thought-Provoking Hetalia Reviews. Also a friendly neighbourhood reminder to try not to feed trolls too much, or they might start thinking they’re people.
Returning to the chronicles of Freeloading Austria, we see Germany catch him at an unaristocratic moment. The two then proceed to do the logical thing of having an argument about whether Beethoven was German or Austrian, which is interrupted by France, who was sent by England to spy. After capturing him they get him to cough up the secret photos of Austria he has taken, and Austria reveals a badass side that probably resulted from over-exposure to Hungary.
And then it’s time for CATS, CATS EVERYWHERE again YAAAY





This has gotta be one of my favourite caps ever.



Window France makes a lousy spy.






...I love how Austria's snot-bubble seems to be coming out of his cheek. GO DEEN GO.


This episode was awesome, and not just because it contained the much-awaited return of Nekotalia (although it would have been awesome if that was all there was too it as well because cats.) Austria just makes me love him more and more, and the argument about who gets to take credit for Beethoven’s nationality is just so very Hetalia. And there was France being fabulous again, a cute photo of Austria sleeping and a jolly good time all around. I also loved the way Austria’s voice drastically changed at the start when he yelled at Germany to forget what he had seen – Austria’s really not the type to vary his voice all that much, so it was pretty funny to hear him do it. Austria, you can freeload in my house anytime bb.
Nekotalia really doesn’t do all that much except trundle along and be adorable but who cares they are cats look at them aaaah. There’s only 8 Nekotalia strips in total (so far) and the anime has gotten through 8 of them now, so I’m not sure when the next installment will be if they want to spread it out longer. (Russiacat isn’t until the 7th strip sadly)


A riding crop? o mai 😮



I think they should have made the random girl-cat Liechtenstein :c also lol at jealous Germanycat.

you know what that means