...I...want to live here...

Since she was a young girl, Tsukimi has loved jellyfish. On a visit to an aquarium with her mother, her mother tells her that all girls can grow up to be princesses – and Tsukimi is inspired by the jellyfish with the tentacles that look like a princesses silk gown. (note: the title literally means ‘jellyfish princess’) However, Tsukimi does not grow up to be a ‘princess’, she grows up to be a mousy jellyfish otaku. She lives in a shared accommodation with female otaku of persuasions from trains to doll-collecting, sharing a collective fear for the ‘chic people’ who mostly inhabit Shibuya.
One night when she goes to visit the jellyfish at the petshop she likes she runs into a woman who looks ‘just like a princess’…who ends up following her home. And if this ‘chic girl’s’ totally different world wasnt unnerving enough for Tsukimi, it turns out ‘she’ is not actually a woman.

I love the visual style in this show to death.

Screw what I said in my review for Soredemo, it’s Kuragehime that has the best OP/ED out of the entire new season…and the OP is a definite entry for the anime openings hall of fame, parodying everything from Star Wars to Mary Poppins to Kill Bill. Seriously watch it for yourself it’s awesome. While we’re at it….this is the best show this season. No question. There was pretty much nothing about this show at all that wasnt fantastic to me and that’s not even exaggerating.
While OreImo shows us a female otaku that has to hide it, Tsukimi is the other type – one that can’t, and is judged on her appearance alone despite actually being pretty cute. I empathise with this girl so hard. I understand, Tsukimi! ‘Chic’ people are really intimidating, aren’t they? And when they’re nice to you, you can’t help feeling that they’re being patronising! It’s okay, Tsukimi!
The other characters are all pretty wacky and will likely be given more time to shine individually throughout the series in regards to their respective obsessions. But they’re a fun bunch who seem to make a really nice ‘family’. I’m also curious about the dorm head, the BL artist who is never seen. I wonder if we’ll get to see her eventually? As for the trap (whom is called Kuranosuke)…damn he’s fine. Man you don’t need all that makeup to look good, even if it is your hobby.
Long story short, I loved the hell out of this. Out of all the anime of this new season, it gave the best first impression – which does worry me just a little, as sometimes anime stellar first episodes cant maintain the same quality throughout the series. If Kuragehime can, it might even become one of my favourite shows. I want to blog it, too…..but I’ve already taken on to many shows for this season. I’ll think of something eventually though.


Out of 5,