Kirino is continuing to have madfun with her newfound otaku friends, arguing about eachother’s favourite anime and the like. She has become a much happier girl with friends her share her interests, but is surprised to learn that Saori and Ruri do not hide their hobby from their parents, saying it’s who they are. Unfortunately for Kirino, her parents aren’t quiet as open-minded about any ‘unbefitting’ hobbies a young girl might have, and when her father discovers the exact same DVD-with-eroge-hidden-inside that Kyosuke himself did, the fecal matter hits the cooling device.

Hey, it's POP! I wonder if this is his art or if they just imitated his style. Either way this picture has total perspective fail.

epic macro face

She looks so damn cute here!

Hadn't got any caps of Kyosuke or his moe friend, so here's a nice one of them together.

hnngh ruri

After some more of the girls having fun being nerds – which is always fun to watch – some unexpected drama is injected into the story. I knew the day Kirino would be ‘found out’ by her parents would happen, but I certainly didn’t  expect it to happen in the third episode. It acts as a test in the growing bond between the siblings – how much is Kyosuke willing to sacrifice for Kirino’s sake? And it’s handled amazingly well. Kirino getting upset when her father called her hobby ‘worthless’ was full of convincing emotion to me, and I understand how she feels completely. I too have had parentals call things I own a ‘waste of money’ and/or time, with them failing to understand the significance of the said item, the memory that may be attached to it or how much it means to me personally. To be honest, I was expecting Kyosuke to take the bullet and say that the 18+ portion of Kirino’s collection was actually his as soon as the confrontation started, but I didn’t expect him to give such a rant about how Kirino’s hobby was  a part of her before that. He’s just made his father resent him (an older brother playing a game about boning younger sisters, after all, is probably more worrying than a younger sister playing the same game) but he did it for her sake and it made me salute the guy. Hopefully Kirino will treat him a little better from now on.
I really didn’t come into this series expected such stong emotional scenes (or writing this good either), so here’s hoping it continues to impress.

I want to be Saori's BFF.

Aw Ruri you're just so precious.

I like Kirino and all but she really is a little bitch a lot of the time.

Capped because Kirino looks real pretty here durr

Kyosuke just became the best brother ever ;_;

Out of 5,