You know I’ve always wondered why it’s even necessary for Kumajiro to come to these meetings. Also holy crap Canada has no mouth.

It’s time for the G8, hosted at Italy’s place, although much like every meeting ever in the Hetaliaverse not a great deal if accomplished before Italy gets bored. Just England glaring at Russia and Russia eating England’s glare and Belarus getting pissed off and Canada being unable to make himself heard and America revealing that Spain apparently likes to hit people with his knees. The usual.
There’s also a Sweden/Finland segment where Finland reminisces a bit about the time he spent with Russia vs the time he spent with Sweden.
Another installment of Nekotalia shows another meeting, which stars Monaco-cat proposing a ban on tuna, which is successfully delayed by Japan-cat.

You rock that turtleneck, man.

The hell Deen. Russia doesn’t have such a fatman chin.

Was it just me or did Belarus sound like a man.

Mine too.

Hetalia brings us another instalment of ‘lol wtf Himaruya’ which doesn’t translate as well into anime form. It’s okay, but something about the way it was done just seemed off to me…although it sounds pretty dumb to complain about a strip where England glares at Russia and Russia somehow eats that (seriously wut. I mean we know Russia can do whatever the hell he wants but ok then). I think it lost quite a bit by having Belarus sneeze for no damn reason, when she was supposed to be sneezing over the top of what Canada was saying so that no one could hear him. (Having her sneeze after he spoke just kind of…ruined the whole joke there way to go Deen). But on the plus side, after what seems like way too long we’re finaly seeing Russia again!
(This has nothing to do with the review per se but America saying that he doesn’t want Spain to join the G8 because ‘he always attacks me with his knees’ spawned so much fanart of Spain attacking with his knees on Pixiv literally a day after the strip went up on Himaruya’s blog. Best response ever.)
I liked the Sweden/Finland part solely for the epically terrifying face Sweden made, although there’s not much else there that’s all that worth writing about.
Now, the Nekotalia part is interesting, because it has Monaco-cat. Before Monaco as  a person is even shown. This, for once, is not Deen’s fault, but Himaruya’s…he hasnt even drawn any strips with Monaco in it, just a bunch of pictures of her. It’s kind of nifty to have a voice for her already, but it’s also kind of annoying that she gets to be a cat before she gets to be a person, at least in terms of strips/anime.  Note that the anime doesn’t identity her as Monaco-cat, but it’s clearly her from her ‘old-lady’ speech patterns Himaruya gave her, and her design. …also this strip shows that the cats aren’t really the countries because the countries are there too but somehow they are also the countries and -head explodes- waaaat… look who cares. They are cats and that’s all that matters.

I have nothing to say here, but it’s Italy with a cat so it was worth capping.

The best thing about the Sweden/Finland part was Hanatamago in the corner..


yep Monacocat. Before Monacoperson.

so are they really just random cats or what WHAT IS THIS SUDDEN TRIPPINESS

Out of 5,