I could use this screenshot for so many moments in life. Including this episode, almost!

Kirino invites some friends over and demands that Kyosuke not interfere. During their visit however, a package arrives for Kirino from Saori – packed in the box of a renowned makeup brand for discreteness. It’s so discrete that it fools Kirino, however, who thinks it really is makeup and that she can open it in front of her friends, and Kyosuke must get the box back off her before she exposes all the Meruru doujin pron in front of them.
In the next half the gang (being Kirino, Ruri, Saori and Kyosuke) head to Comiket for fun otaku times (and strange new experiences in Kyosuke’s case) all around. But on the way out Kirino is seen…

...I actually kind of want to play this.


A redeemer? :U

lawl. I thought she was put off by these doujins in the 2nd episode...

Oreimo, wtf are you doing. I am so disappoint with you right now. You started off as this brilliant comedy about two siblings, kicking in the face all that labelled you as incest, subverting to often hilarious effect the many incest tropes of otaku-oriented anime.
And then suddenly you turn around and start pandering with incest fanservice fapfodder. WTF? Obviously I’m talking about where Kyosuke does the most irritating anime cliche of all time and falls on top of his sister, somehow managing to grab her boob and flip up her shirt and skirt. (Seriously how does one even do this)Instead of the usual Kirino yelling she just kind of lies there a while and they stare at eahother all blushy – like every other anime where this happens. It’s no secret that incest kind of squicks me for the most part, but the reason this was so annoying to me was not the fact that it was incesty-fanservice but because it was this series doing it. It’s like it can’t decide whether it wants to subvert expectations or just take the easy route and pander to them, and it’s looking a lot more like the latter which is incredibly disappointing. Now everyone labelling this as incest has more than a leg to stand on. (I actually read the first few chapters of one of the manga adaptations of this and it was so damn pandery and obvious (Kirino was some mewling little blob, nothing like the character here) that it was almost laughable so I’m at least glad the anime isn’t like that.) But this wasn’t all that was blatantly annoying about this section. I was so impressed with the last episode, and yet Kirino just turns around and becomes a little bitch again here, ordering Kyosuke around and getting pissed at him for no real reason, with him taking her crap. I’m liking her less and less, and this whole segment actually made me kind of hate her. If the whole episode was like this, I would have been tempted to just drop it there. But that segment at least was saved by the addition of the character Ayase – who seems pretty interesting. For one she actually used a bit of logic in thinking “oh maybe Kyosuke actually had a reason for wanting the box back, I will not jump to conclusions”; and judging by the episode’s end it’s not the last we’ll see of her. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but she really piques my interest.
The episode itself was saved by the second half, because Saori and Ruri can never do anything wrong, and the time they spent at Comiket had this really fun feel to it. These two characters (and perhaps Ayase) are what’s keeping me in this, because Kirino is just becoming more and more unlikable, and so is Kyosuke for taking her crap like that. I’m trying not to become too pessimistic about the direction the series is going in though, plus it ended with an interesting cliffhanger so I’m sticking with it if only out of love for Saori and Ruri.

The Comiket scenes really did have this fun atmosphere.

Ruri looks adorable like this, I hope she does this more often.

Ruri's a way better tsundere than Kirino could ever be.

Makes me want to go to Comiket. I've only been to the smaller Fukuoka events.

Out of 5,