No you are not seeing things, it’s the episode 26 Princess Tutu review, finally. Even though I actually watched this episode way back in July/August and had the draft sitting on my dashboard for a ridiculously long time. Anyway, it’s my last PT-related post. (But Ariana’s going to review the manga apparently, so it won’t be the last on this blog)

the epitome of manliness.

In this final episode, Mytho, now having become the Prince once again, must save Rue from her ‘father’. Poor Ahiru is left to fend for herself against the crow people – and in her duck form, no less, having had already given up her necklace for Mytho’s sake. Fakir desperately tries to help her through his writing, but with Drosselmeyer’s hand guiding his, he is unable to control what he is writing and Ahiru suffers more and more. What will save the day?



man those guys are still creepy looking.


Riding on a fluffy pink cloud. Mytho just gets manlier and manlier.

Well, it’s finally over. There actually isn’t a great deal of narrative anime that I’ve seen from start to finish (that have proper endings anyway, not ‘insert sequel here’ or ‘now go finish the manga’), so it’s nice to finally have another one down. And I really have to say something really cliche here: it’s about the journey, not the ending. In other words, this ending seemed rather anticlimactic to me and I had far more fun with the series itself, and found the other episodes stronger. That’s not to say it was a bad ending – in fact I can’t really think of any other way it could have ended. But Prince Mytho and Princess Rue going off in their magical sky carriage to the land of whatever – I know this anime is full of cheesy stuff, but this was one of the only times I’ve actually thought “well gee that’s lame.” What I did really like, though, was the way it didn’t chicken out from Ahiru’s fate. No magical deux ex machina appeared to make her regain a human form so she could live happily ever after in love, she’s stuck as a duck forever, which makes it very bittersweet. For Fakir, too – he now can’t be in a proper relationship with the one he loves. But, they were both happy. And it was just this little thing that made the whole episode worthwhile to me – Mr Prince and Mrs Princess get to be all happy in their magic skywagon while the two I was rooting for end up with the short end of the stick, but they’re cool with that. Because they’re awesome. On that note, all the bits with Ahiru and Fakir in this episode were very emotional – in particular Fakir writing and Ahiru doing her best to dance despite being attacked. There were really powerful scenes and make up for all the ‘lolwut’ with Mytho and Rue.

The last time we see Ahiru as Princess Tutu, I believe.
…the whole pink cloud thing was incredibly cheesy, admit it. Also they look so lolquality here, I just wanted a cap of them riding it.
noooooooo D:
8| could this be more narmy

Out of 5,
Final Thoughts:
Princess Tutu was one of those series that I always wanted to watch but could never really be bothered to get around to. Then one day Madman had a 50% off everything sale, meaning I was able to get the complete series for $30, which was the perfect opportunity to finally get it. This was back in early 2009  and since then I’d been watching the series really slowly so it feels like it’s been with me for a while. It’s a series that’s both visually and musically gorgeous (even though I was, admittedly, a little turned off by the funky character designs at first, the more I watched it the more they suited the story)and drew me in for being such a different series. It can be as corny as anything, yet it always has this sweet sincerity that makes it so endearing. Most of all, it’s a series with a Heart that it wears on its sleeve and that’s probably the thing that stands out to me the most. No matter how cheesy it can get, the amount of Heart makes it forgiveable. There are also so many twists and turns in the plot that I was always in some state of suspense – this was a series I really didn’t know all that much about before watching it other than apparently “everything is not as it appears”.
It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but for those it is for it’s simultaneously gentle and thrilling, has one of the most endearing female leads I’ve encountered yet, and has a talking ballet teacher cat, and how is that not awesome. The whole series gets itself out of 5,