Well, I gave it one more episode but this show just simply isn’t doing it for me anymore. It’s not even the turn-around to siscon pandering that caused me to make up my mind, it’s something that in my mind is even more annoying.


And she had such a cute design too :c


Kirino is a gigantic freaking bitch and I can’t stand her. The fact that she’s the latest idol of the ‘otaku world’ is almost depressing to me. (And something I also find hilariously ironic; they’ll whinge about what bitches 3D girls are, and yet idolize this bitch of a 2D girl). All she does is use Kyosuke, causing him to continually make a bigger and bigger jerk of himself to stop her looking bad. It’s just maddening. I want to give her a massive slap across the face and tell her to just cut the shit already.
Ayase too was a bit of a disappointment. I actually thought that she might be an otaku as well – which was why she was near Comiket (and why she sounded so happy when she said ‘fancy seeing you here’ to Kirino). But as it turns out she despises otaku and stops being friends with Kirino when she finds out she is one. In other words, she’s also a gigantic bitch, although I guess it makes sense that they were friends at all then.

Her pout is quite cute...too bad she's such a bitch. :c

Kirino is also a gigantic bitch for telling Ayase that she ‘doesnt know those weirdoes’ (referring to Ruri and Saori) when she asks, so I really didn’t feel a single bit of sympathy for her in this episode like I did when her dad found out her hobby. The plot of this episode is thus Kirino’s angst at losing a friend to her hobby…so whose responsibility do you think it is to fix things?
What I can give this episode props for is mentioning that Ayase hates otaku because of what she ‘saw on the news’, and how it showed that the media deliberately twisted an incident to make it seem as though a criminal’s otaku tendencies was what caused him to commit the crime. An instance of poignancy, which is good. The only other good thing was that even though Kyosuke had to seek out Ayase and try to convince her that Kirino was still the same girl she was friends with, Kirino eventually appeared to do her own damn talking.

This screenshot/quote is awesome though and I want to post it everywhere.

But then everything was ruined again with Kyosuke again assuming responsibility for the darker side of Kirino’s hobby, causing Ayase to see him as a degenerate creep as the cost for making up with Kirino again.
This series started out so good, so I’m pretty annoyed at how underwhelmingand annoying  it became so quickly. It’s still not what I’d call terrible (the animation quality is still very high, the writing is still quite good and some of the dialoque is still funny), and it still could possibly get better again (Especially if there are episodes that focus mostly on Saori and Ruri, who are still great characters). I just don’t have the time to blog this many series right now, so I’d rather stick to the ones I’m really enjoying. I’m still going to keep watching OreImo, of course, but because it’s become the current series I least like out of those on the blog, I can’t be bothered to write posts for it unless in subsequent episodes it suddenly gets really good or something. Or if Kirino actually becomes likeable again.

Necessary cap.