This show can seriously make episodes about ANYTHING.

Episode 5 Summary:

In part 1, the theme this time around is… nose picking. Apparently, nose-picking has become a fad in Daten City (lolwut?!) and everyone pretty much picks their nose obsessively. However, when a “swanky” man invites Panty and Stocking to his party in a blimp, it’s soon discovered that he’s a ghost, and his power is to make people… pick their noses.

At least it doesn't really look like she's picking her nose here... kind of...

Boogers aren’t the only thing that he can make come out of the affected peoples’ noses—he can also cause them to have a nosebleed, which is actually the source of the ships acceleration towards the moon. (…It makes sense in context.) The girls quickly find out that the only way to stop him is with their own boogers, which are harmful the ghost because the girls are angels. And thus, another gross fiend is defeated.

Suddenly... stylistic change!

In part 2, the focus is less on the girls and more on a man named Terao, who seems to live in an alternate universe Daten City. Terao’s an office worker, though apparently not a very good one at that. His daughter’s birthday is coming up, and she wants to meet Panty and Stocking. After failing at yet another thing, Terao drowns his sorrows with tons of beer at a type of “office party” and inadvertently creates a ghost made of vomit.

Cue the girls coming in to save the day. Terao tries to get the girls to go to his house so that his daughter can meet them, but they flatly refuse. However…


Probably one of the more heartwarming scenes (IMO) in a Panty and Stocking anime.

My Opinion:

This episode was… definitely interesting. The first part was standard Panty and Stocking fare, though once the nose bleeding started, the episode turned from gross to DISTURBING. Booger jokes aren’t my type of thing, but hey, it could have been worse.

The second part of the episode is what really interested me. It was done in a totally different style (except for the girls, who… look exactly the same). The story isn’t “funny” either—in fact, it’s really rather depressing. Terao seems to try his best, but he can never do anything right. The art style will definitely turn off a lot of people, but it fits the atmosphere. Its changes in art styles like these that make Panty and Stocking such an interesting show—you never know what to expect next.

In the end, Terao’s life still seems rather depressing (as he’s still being scolded at work), but I couldn’t help murmuring a little “awww” when it’s shown that his daughter framed the autographs of Panty and Stocking. Even though his life sucks, at least there’s some hope now?

This episode may not be as strong as others, but it’s still a decent watch if you want to see something visually different.

Out of five:

1/2 (Close to a three, but not quite)

Episode 6 Summary:


I guess she's still mad about that...

Okay, here’s where the plot really starts kicking in. Instead of two shorts like usual, we get an actual WHOLE episode this time! And it is AWESOME.

Panty and Stocking are at the school again, trying to weed out ghosts. Unfortunately, the ghosts they defeat are all fakes, so they don’t get anything for their efforts. After staying up all night doing this, the girls meet the new Queens of Daten High School, Scanty and Kneesocks. Over the past few weeks or whatever (basically since the last time Panty and Stocking were in school), the two new Queens have reformed the school so that it now runs on a very disciplined regime.


Scanty and Kneesocks.

It’s not long before this agitates Panty and Stocking, who challenge Scanty and Kneesocks to a competition to prove who’s better. Unfortunately, Scanty and Kneesocks beat the girls in everything (that doesn’t include fighting or violence). Panty and Stocking are then dropped to the lowest class, which is entirely underground. After a short series of events, the girls (with Brief tagging along) discover Scanty and Kneesocks’ base of operations. The girls (who are revealed to be devils, although it was pretty obvious before) are using a crystal to create fake ghosts. Cue EPIC FIGHT SCENE in which Panty and Stocking try to destroy the crystal while the devil girls try to prevent them from doing so.


Wait wut, these girls get their own transformation sequence? ...AWESOME.


Aww, I wanted a cap of Kneesocks' and Stocking's fight too, but their scenes were much faster than Panty's/Scanty's.

Eventually, the crystal does get destroyed (and so does the entire school), but it’s pretty obvious that we will not be seeing the last of Scanty and Kneesocks…


Now you see it... now you don't.

My Opinion:

I wasn’t really expecting so much PLOT to be in a Panty and Stocking anime, but it’s handled well so I’m not complaining. I kind of guessed that there would someday be rivals for Panty and Stocking and… here they are!

Scanty and Kneesocks themselves seem pretty cool, though not too much has been shown about them yet. Although they’re obviously meant to be counterparts to the girls, they are at least quite different personality-wise. Also, their transformation sequence is epic and caught me totally off guard. (The song used here is catchy too… Panty and Stocking has one of the coolest soundtracks ever.)

And the fight scene… THE FIGHT SCENE. You could tell the anime producers really pulled out all the stops for this one (and rightly so, since Scanty and Kneesocks are one of the hardest enemies that the girls have faced so far). I don’t think it’d be too far-fetched to say that this fight scene can rival those of a few shonen anime series.

Just because of the awesome fight scene, this episode is probably the strongest yet so far. And at least there aren’t too many sex jokes this time around, if you dislike that sort of thing. (Still tons of potty humor though… in more ways that one.)

Overall, out of five, this gets: