Shiki Episode 13 and 14

A Shiki review has been long overdue. SPOILER WARNING.

Muroi! It's been awhile.

Episode 13 Summary:

Yet more people are dying in Sotoba, and Ozaki is now unable to treat many patients because they’ve been hypnotized specifically not to go to the clinic. The latest victim is Tokujiro, the father-in-law of Nao, one of the first ones bitten (and the only one to rise in her family). Just when it seems like things couldn’t get any worse, Ozaki discovers that his wife (Kyoko) has been bitten.


It's almost kind of depressingly hilarious how this is the first thing Ozaki thinks of...
...This can't end well.

When Muroi’s dad hears that Tokujiro has become a victim, he demands to go see him one last time, despite his poor condition. After their (quiet) meeting is over, Muroi wonders if his dad knows more about the vampire epidemic than he’s letting on…

During this series of events, Yuuki dies, and his mom runs away because she can’t bear to be in the village anymore. This leaves Yuuki’s dad in a state of shock and despair. Around this time, it’s also shown that the monks at the temple are starting to become targeted too, and that there’s a new funeral home that’s been set up on the outskirts of the village.


Also; Megumi, I kind of don't feel sorry for you anymore. 8/

The episode ends with Kyoko dying.

Episode 14 Summary:


Lady Gaga?! ...Oh wait, that's just Sunako's mom.

It seems that Sunako’s “mother” has begun hunting on her own, as she’s shown actually looking for a meal at the beginning of this episode. (Or maybe she’s hunted before, but this is the first time we see her actively doing it.)

Back at Muroi’s place, Muroi’s father is shown to be much more knowledgeable than he seems. He asks Muroi to send a letter to the Kirishikis—a letter of introduction. Shortly after this, Kaori’s and Akira’s dad is killed by Megumi, who taunts Kaori about it. Because of a card nearby his dead body, his wife calls up the Ebuchi clinic (a new clinic that opened a few episodes ago). The “doctor” there is obviously a shiki.


All my pity for you from the first ep ---> out the window

At the Kirishiki mansion, a new girl is introduced, whose name is Yoshie. She’s shown to be some sort of “guide” to the shikis, similar to Tatsumi’s job. Megumi comes up to her and asks if Yuuki’s revived yet, since she had heard news of his death. Yoshie reports that Yuuki was probably taken by one of the big city funeral places and cremated, causing Megumi to despair that she’ll never be with Yuuki again. Masao, however, delights in this, prompting Megumi to give him a huge beatdown.


Yoshie's actually pretty cute.
Masao, you just got owne--bitchslapped by a girl
Okay Megumi, I guess you aren't so bad.
I love how Yoshie's just all, "LOL OKAY"
Masao is everyone's butt monkey. EVERYONE'S.

The story then returns to Ozaki’s clinic, where it’s shown that Ozaki has been attempting to keep Kyoko’s dead body from decomposing so he can experiment her if she revives… which she does. Ozaki videotapes everything he does in an attempt to find the shiki’s weaknesses. Eventually he takes a stake to her heart, killing her.

When Muroi finds this out, he is understandably horrified.


Flashback sequence. If you didn't think Muroi could get any girlier...
...sorry to ruin the mood but... holy crap THAT CHIN
This scene is so much more depressing/heartwrenching with what happens later...

My Opinion:

Decided to have just one opinion section this time because it just makes the review flow better for a series where so much plot is crammed into a single episode.

As more episodes are released, it becomes increasingly obvious that we are nearing the end-game. (Well… that and the fact that there are only 22 episodes and we’re already on number 14.) There are still some very slight instances of humor; but they’ve mostly all given way to the more serious, depressing side of the story. And yes, Yuuki’s dead, although his death seemed rather anti-climatic. He didn’t die fighting, he died quietly, and that’s probably something that won’t sit well with a few people.

Although Yuuki’s actual death was shocking, it probably wasn’t as shocking as episode 14. Episode 14 is probably the most disturbing of all the episodes we’ve had so far, especially since it’s shown (IN DETAIL) what experiments Ozaki is conducting on his wife in order to find a way to destroy shikis. (I’m pretty sure the manga is still a bit more gory in this regard, but if you’re the squeamish type, you still might want to look away.)

This scene also demonstrates an important thing that sets Shiki (the series, that is) away from other horror series. If you haven’t felt sympathetic towards the shikis before, you definitely will when you see how Ozaki treats Kyoko (his own wife); unless you have no heart. Although one could argue that shikis should be killed because they’ve killed humans; isn’t Ozaki being just as “bad” by killing them? (Another factor is that Kyoko doesn’t know anything, so this makes what Ozaki does to her even more terrifying.) Is it possible to be “inhumane” towards a being that isn’t even “alive”?

In the end, maybe no group (shiki or human) is really “good.” This is not a war of good against evil or light against dark. It’s a war where each respective group is fighting simply to survive.

4 thoughts on “Shiki Episode 13 and 14

  1. moeronpan November 8, 2010 / 9:29 am

    (LOL Lady Gaga…)

    gdi that whole ‘experimentation’ scene was freaking TERRIFYING and I went in prepared. Freakiest/most unnerving shit I’ve ever seen an anime I’m not even joking ffffffff

    • Ariana November 8, 2010 / 3:49 pm

      Wait what, you’ve caught up already? I remember hearing you saying that you were only on episode 12…

      The Lady Gaga thing is kind of a big joke now, and it has appeared in a lot of other reviews.

      Maybe it’s just because I’m a bio major (and wanted to be a doctor at one point and watched a lot of surgeries they show on tv) so I didn’t feel too unnerved watching this. xD; I was more creeped out by the fact that his wife’s wimpering all the while than the fact that he’s cutting her open… orz

      • moeronpan November 9, 2010 / 4:03 am

        well the whole whimpering thing was part of what made it so freaky of course. That and the whole “oh the anaesthetic doesnt work oh well”

  2. Envy November 9, 2010 / 2:24 am

    Yoshie is pretty cute for a heatless Monster being co commander of the Shiki with Tatsumi

    that and a fact that makes Tatsumi and Yoshie awful people that should appear later

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