Time for the Obligatory Wacky American!

Ika meets a strange American woman -Cyndi – who has a keen interest in her as she believes her to be an alien. Eventually she brainwashes Ika to make her think she is an alien – she has the same goal of world conquest after all – but it wears off when Ika learns that aliens apparently don’t eat shrimp.
Eiko goes off to school and Ika follows her, becoming confused about what ‘school’ is and mistaking it for a military training center. Leading her to do the natural thing of taking the leader – ie the principal – hostage.
The last segment is an alternate-reality kind of story about Eiko discovering  a tiny, adorable Ika and keeping her as a pet.

I don't want to know what her dreams are like.


Stay classy, aliens.

All this time, I thought that Eiko was in university. I wonder about Chizuru...

Oh man this is cute.

Again and again this show gets better with every episode, especially now that it’s breaking out of the original confines of its ‘story’ – with Ika meeting new characters and even going to school.¬† The entire school segment was hilarious by the way – not the first time I’ve seen a non-human girl confused about what school was but still handled well.¬† I’m still undecided on whether Cyndi is a decent character or not – she hasn’t had the chance to really do much to separate herself from the standard ‘wacky foreigner’ trope. It doesn’t help that her debut episode was totally stolen by the last segment which was THE MOST ADORABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN HNNNNNNNNGH. Not only was it tremendously adorable, it was actually even touching and emotional towards the end – not the sort of things I’d expect from this series, especially from a random little short that turns out to be Sanae’s dream.
Mini-Ika already has a 1/1 scale figure announced, although it’s a Blueray extra only :C Hopefully they’ll make other ones (Puchi-nendoroid? It’d be 1/1 scale) because damn do I want one.

holy ff those things scare me



HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHalthough it kind of looks like she's all giant rather than in the foreground which is a little scary, perspective fail.

Out of 5,