Geez Stocking, do you eat ANYTHING that vaguely resembles sweets?


Panty and Stocking are having yet another fight when two meteors suddenly crash into the church. From these meteors emerge two robots. After Panty and Stocking eat their cores (yet another “it makes sense in context”), they are themselves transformed into robots.


Instead of being in any way worried about being turned into robots, the angels instead continue to wage war against each other, in epic fashion. Since Brief doesn’t want to see the angels fighting, he tries to get the original robots (who have been reduced to a scrap heap) to help stop Panty and Stocking. The robots reveal that they are destined to fight an eternal war, so Brief gets them to form an alliance—to annihilate all life on earth.

This is kind of awesome yet also hilarious.

After this, the robots merge and become a ghost (robot—> ghost, whut?!) and the girls quickly defeat it (reverting back to human form). Afterwards the girls… go back to fighting each other again. I guess some things will never change…

Just wanted a cap of (most of) the whole gang.

In the next part of the episode, Garterbelt scolds the girls for spending money so frivolously, and says that the church has 3 million “whatever currency is used in Daten” in debt. The girls—refusing to change their spending habits—make a bet with Garterbelt that they’ll make it up in three days. However, the girls have absolutely no idea how to do “earth” work, and so get fired from every job they get.

Oh man, Stocking looks ADORABLE with twin-tails.

I love the girls' fashion sense. So much.

Eventually, Panty and Stocking resort to the “easy” way of making money—that is, gambling. Brief tries to prevent them from doing so (as there’s no guarantee that they’d win), but the angels seem to have the best of luck and win every game they play. Eventually, the do make up the debt, but are having so much fun that they continue gambling. Behind the scenes, the casino is shown to be run by the devil sisters (Scanty and Kneesocks) who are trying to get a ghost to eat all the money in the world to cause an economic disaster.

I wonder if Brief likes cross-dressing...

They weren't so "badass" this time around, sadly...

When Scanty and Kneesocks realize Panty and Stocking are playing at their casino, they hatch a plan to let the girls gamble until they lose all their money, with Kneesocks rigging the roulette so that the girls lose every time. Panty and Stocking persist in gambling, however; even selling their clothes in order to continue. As the angels are about to sell their undergarments (and weapons), a stroke of luck allows the girls to win back all their money and more, and the ghost is quickly destroyed.

Panty is too hot for clothes! ((incredibly lame pun))

Instead of learning any lessons from this, however, the girls have simply learned of an easy way to make money: by putting their undergarments up for auction.

My Opinion:

This whole episode was basically fanservice. The first part had fanservice for fans of mecha, while the second part has the more usual fare of fanservice. I probably would have enjoyed the mecha/transformers parody more if I were a bigger fan of mecha (I’m not), but I still thought the mini robot war was epic.

The second part of the episode was fun, silly, and had tons of eyecandy. Also, the devil girls, Scanty and Kneesocks, are back! I’m surprised that they’d be shown again so soon after the last episode, but it’s nice that they’ve been established as recurring characters, I guess.

Not much else to talk about for this episode (it’ll be hard to top episode 6), but it’s nice to see the series revert back to its small gag-episodes. The episode quality was noticeably higher in certain parts of the episode (for obvious reasons), so at least there’s that.

Out of five:

and 1/2

Also, the Panty and Stocking OST is to be released in late December. One of the places where you can pre-order it is here:

OUCH that price tag. Although I’d love to own it, that’s a little too pricey for me. (Plus the cost of shipping will pretty much double the price for me…)