Damn why do all England's random underlings all look so much better than he does? (Even if this guy is basically ~snazzy~ Russia.)

England manages to escape from the Italys again, and he soon meets up with one of his (fail)spies. The spy – Howard – tells him about how he blends into the other italians to avoid detection – by being super snazzy. England then tries this out by being ~super stylish~ and Italian, but Germany knows a real Italian when he sees one.
Then going back about a thousand years, Europe is anticipating the dawn of the new millennium; the year 1000 AD, believed to be the end of the world, and none is more terrified of the prospect than France.

England's Edward Cullen audition.


The look on Germany's face...

...well I know this is what I think of when I think of 'end of the world'. seriously lolwut

"This is our only scene in all of Hetalia! Let's totally over-act!"

Man I love this snazzy-England strip, it cracks me up so bad. And because of all the sparkles, it was possibly even funnier in the anime. I’m wondering why Howard’s hair is so light, though, when it was shaded pretty dark in the manga. (At first I wondered about an England underling not having dem brows but I suppose it makes sense if he’s waxed his eyebrows to be stylish. Not sure why England didn’t to the same in his attempt, could have been lulzy, although ~stylish~ England with dem brows is funnier)
Also lol, new millenium panic. This part totally gave me memories of the 1999 new year’s party I went to when I was 11. People there literally thought, not that the world would end, but all the computers would blow up. Or at most stop working, or have something crazy occur with their clocks…I remember looking at the computer as it struck midnight and being very disappointed that they got me all excited for insane shenanigans for nothing.
I find it pretty amusing that little-baby France was so worried about going to hell in 1000AD …what on earth was he doing so young? Do I want to know?
It’s also funny that Japan and Germany were shown as the gullible ones that were most concerned about the world ending in 2000; guess they’re not as logical as they like to think they are.

daaaw mini-Hungary.


dat background

...since when did Japan have glasses..?

...they look good on him, though.

Out of 5,