Shiki Episode 15




After having killed his wife, Ozaki reveals to Muroi that he’s made a vow to personally hunt down Shiki and asks Muroi for help. Muroi silently refuses; and so, a long friendship comes to an end…

...Obligatory Muroi cap.

The next day, Ozaki tries to convince some of the village men that there really is such a thing as undead/vampires/shiki, but no one believes him. Frustrated, Ozaki goes to the offices to see the death toll in the village. He soon finds out that the offices are now almost run entirely by Shiki, and when asked, they say that the number of deaths since September is “zero.” This is because many people moved out before dying, so technically, the number of deaths in the village is “zero.”

Ozaki is enraged by this and threatens to send out the death certificates that he’s written to the big cities, but Sunako’s mother—whose name is revealed to be Chizuru—threatens Ozaki into giving it up. Ozaki leaves the offices realizing that he’s soon to be the next target.

Chizuru is this series' Miss Fanservice.

Meanwhile, there is a new funeral home being run by a guy named Hayami. The funeral home is run by shikis and is actually a way of collecting the bodies of those who have died (by shiki attacks) easier. Still, Hayami spares no expense in making the funeral ceremonies as lavish and ridiculous as possible, causing Tatsumi to tell him to “tone it down” a bit.

This guy is kind of awesome.
I feel bad for laughing at this, but...

Around this time (I’m guessing), Ozaki is shown holding a traditional funeral for his wife. (How the heck did he cover up that chest wound?!) Although Ozaki and Muroi are (probably) no longer “friends,” Muroi still shows up to oversee Kyoko’s funeral. One of the nurses is still upset that Ozaki didn’t care when another nurse went missing, and so quits the next day.

Even though many many deaths have been occurring throughout the village, the villagers still want to hold an autumn dance festival. Ozaki is distressed at how oblivious the villagers are to their situation. That night, while being emo while pondering the depressing fate of Sotoba village, he meets Yuuki. Realizing almost right away that Yuuki has become a Shiki, Ozaki decides to “play along” and answer Yuuki’s question of whether he believes Megumi is still alive or not. Ozaki fully admits that Megumi is still “alive”, and Yuuki answers cryptically with, “You’re not alone.”

...annnnd Yuuki still looks like an angsty teen.

My Opinion:

Well, the Shiki anime is fast approaching where I’ve left off reading (as there’s currently a four chapter gap between the chapters that I’m waiting to be filled in) so the next episode might be all new material for me!

Some might be a bit surprised that Shiki is still introducing yet more new characters when we’re getting so close to the end, but I rather like Hayami. He makes the series a lot less depressing now that everything’s so… depressing. I see him as a really fun character (though I can also see how he could be annoying), so I like him so far.

Now that Yuuki’s a shiki, a lot more time is spent on Ozaki, (though Yuuki will probably get his own episodes later on). Although it’s really aggravating that no one believes Ozaki when he tells them of the shiki, the series still handles this very realistically. Would you believe your doctor if he suddenly started spewing stuff about vampires/the undead?

At the pace that the anime is taking, I am starting to get slightly worried about how this will all end. The manga still has quite a few chapters (and is still ongoing!) while the anime only has seven episodes left; so the anime will most likely have a different ending than the manga… I highly doubt that Shiki will get a second season (or could it?) so as long as it all ends nicely, I’ll be fine with it. Here’s hoping that’s the case!

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