I'd be cheering for the kraken too.

Ep  6
Ika  sees a stage performance of the current popular ‘Hero’, some lame masked crusader except with a Noh mask. She has to ‘defeat’ a squid monster onstage…which Ika doesn’t take kindly to and so ends up taking over the show and making the kids love the squid instead. Next, to the surprise of basically everyone it turns out that Ika is somehow insanely good at maths. However she has no one that interested in her talents except for Eiko, who secretly wants tutoring but can’t bring herself to request it.
Lastly Nagisa develops a crush on Goro after he saves her from drowning. When she begins to think that he (and everyone else) is brainwashed into not seeing Ika as a threat, she believes it is her duty to protect him.

She should have a Geass eye.

Maths IS pretty serious business, but...



Ep 8
Once again, Nagisa is determined to believe that Ika is evil and is brainwashing everybody else (whilst Ika of course delights in this). She even decides to stay the night at Eiko and Chizuru’s when Ika does, just so that she can ‘protect’ them.
Ika starts to demand everyone refer to her as a queen, and Cyndi agrees to – but only if she’ll let her take her to her lab. Somehow or other Ika eventually obliges and we finally get to see Cyndi’s ‘alien research lab’, complete with wacky American staff.
Lastly the Lemon girls decide to take on the shy, cute girl from the other side of the beach to work with them (and boost the stores popularity), however they have to trade her for Ika, who starts to get quite popular on the other end of the beach too.

Nagisa's lulzy imagination.

More of Nagisa's lulzy imagination.

And the reality of her 'plan for when everyone is asleep'.

To be honest these episodes were kind of a low point for Ika Musume so far, and it was a little disheartening for me when the series had been consistently getting better with each episode before. Individually there’s not much to say about either other than they weren’t ‘bad’ episodes but weren’t exactly memorable, save for a few gems. (Ika being good at maths, for example. Who saw that one coming?)
It also presents the issue of some jokes already being worn thin – Nagisa being scared of Ika for example. It didn’t really seem to be doing anything new with this concept, so it felt like a waste. (and it was in BOTH these episodes….granted Ika playing video games is awful cute).  I really hope the next episode picks up after these ones – even though Ika is always fun to watch no matter what, the previous episodes have been so much better.
It was nice to see the cutie from Southern Winds making a reappearance again, anyway – I was hoping she’d be back.

She really is a cutie, even if all she ever seems to do is look down and nod.

Out of 5 (both),