man I hate it when zombies crash my party


Panty and Stocking have become cops for a day (for some unexplained reason) and the town that they are cops for has suddenly been attacked by zombies. The angels’ weapons don’t work on zombies, resulting in a lot of combat with makeshift weapons. (Like sex toys… for example.)

Why does she look so "son i am dissappoint" here?

I don't know why, but this part made me laugh so much.

The zombie outbreak is revealed to be caused by Scanty and Kneesocks, and they seem to be successful, even turning the angels into zombies. But this plan backfires when the zombies run out of live people to eat and turn on the devil girls instead. At the end of the episode, no one is shown turning back into a human, but they probably eventually do due to episodic magic.

So I guess this whole first half was pretty pointless, then...

In the second half of the episode, the girls are being held on trial on some type of TV courtroom/gameshow thing (complete with wacky host!). The girls are being tried for the supposed murder of a pet ghost that was loved by many people.

And the prosecutor is Tom Cru--I mean, "Croose."

From the very beginning, it’s pretty obvious that the case has been fixed to find them guilty no matter what—the girls are even tricked into having a monkey as their lawyer! However, as Panty and Stocking are being electrocuted as their “death penalty,” the monkey gets electrocuted too and suddenly becomes a super-genius.

Impromptu strip scene!

Why is this so awesome.

Eventually, it’s revealed who the actual killer is, and that the people staging the case are none other than Scanty and Kneesocks. After being revealed, the devil sisters lose interest and run, leaving Panty and Stocking to clean up the mess, basically.

Semi-fourth wall breaking!

My Opinion:

Another typical Panty and Stocking episode, not that that’s a bad thing. The two parts this time concerned typical movie cliches—bad zombie movies and ridiculous court cases where the defendant is able to avoid a guilty verdict through rather absurd means. The first part could also be a parody of High School of the Dead; though I wouldn’t know because I’ve never seen an episode of that.

I… don’t really like the zombie genre THAT much, (with how often they’re used in main-stream media nowadays, I find them a bit over-rated), so the first part was a little boring to me; though Garterbelt was pretty damn badass. The second half was a bit better, if only because I’ve played and liked the Phoneix Wright game series. The whole point of that trial was to be as ridiculous as possible, with standards that would never pass anywhere in the world. (The defendants being really unfairly represented; trying to execute those “guilty” right away, and on national television to boot!—etc etc)

One of the things that I’m really starting to dislike, though, is what Scanty and Kneesocks are starting to become. They’re starting to fall into the old trope of “recurring villains who are really dumb” a la Team Rocket. I mean… I guess it’s fitting that they’d become this in a series that greatly geared towards the comedy factor but… I really miss them when they were badass…

Overall, a decent episode, though definitely not the best.

Out of five: