Kuragehime Episode 5

In which Tsukimi is REALLY MOE.

Tsukimi is feeling strange, unfamiliar feelings when she recalls the Curious Incident with the Shuu in the Aquarium…COULD SHE BE IN LOVE? Unfortunately for her, Shuu doesn’t know that the Tsukimi he loves and the ‘creepy otaku’ at Amamizukan is the same person….but Tsukimi doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. Also unfortunately for her, the owner of Amamizukan also wants to sell the place, and with the redevelopment plans, the Sisterhood may only have one year left together. They decide to go out To Battle (ie, to the hearing about the redevelopment to protest), but it proves impossible for them with so many well-dressed, intimidating business-people. However, Kuranosuke comes to the rescue…
We are also introduced to a rather sinister woman who has her sights on Shuu, if only to use him for her own benefits.

...is that a jellyfish TeruTeru Bouzu? That is freaking adorable.
Sad (and psycho) girl in rain.

This whole episode was brilliant to me; it featured a blending of drama and comedy that worked really, really well, with Tsukimi being really moe the whole time. Since episoe 1 I’ve been wanting to see more of the Sisterhood being forced into the opening to interact with the ‘other’ people, and their (failed) ‘assault’ on the comitte hearing did not disappoint. The unlikeable bitch of a new character also promises even more drama to come, so I look forward to that if these current episodes are any indication as to how it would be handled.
It’s sad, but Kuranosuke really does have a point about people having to ‘look right’ in order to be able to stand up for themselves. People really are more likely to listen to someone if they look more high-class. I was waiting for the inevitable dolling up of the Sisterhood for the lulz but I didn’t think it’d be happening so soon. Mayaya seemed surprisingly composed in her makeover, though…although she could possibly be stunned into silence. I really look forward to seeing how the girls are going to handle these ‘looks’ of theirs in public…

Mainly capping this because I love his clothes here.
I dislike this woman already >:C
...I was kind of hoping we'd get to see her eyes...
"AFRO, SEAL!" cracked me up a little too much. I love how Mayaya is posing there.

Out of 5,

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