I usually don't screencap title screens--but this was too cute. Also, I never realized before that Brief was slightly taller than Panty...


It’s summer in Daten City, which means (you guessed it) a beach episode. Our two favorite angels are actually here to help Garterbelt with the beach-house restaurant…thing, but they instead get side-tracked and decide to just take a vacation instead.


Swimsuits are SERIOUS BUSINESS guys.

It’s not long before the devil sisters, Scanty and Kneesocks, show up, claiming that the whole entire beach is their private property. Although Panty and Stocking attempt to engage them in a fight, the devil sisters say that one of their rules while vacationing is absolutely no fighting. So instead, the devils and angels duke it out in beach volleyball instead (probably in a manner similar to the Dead or Alive XTREME games).


...subtle. This made me laugh, at least.

This ends up just causing more arguments; with the two teams making a bet that whoever loses has to strip. Thus begins another round of XTRE—I mean; “extreme” volleyball. Panty and Stocking end up winning (much to the chagrin of maybe half the fanboys) but the devil sisters (being devils), decide not to hold up their end of the bargain and instead unleash some aquatic ghosts.


I didn't know until now, but the sisters' way of saying the word "rules" have become sort of a meme. "RUUUURUUU"

In the end… nothing is resolved but there’s tons of fanservice so who cares, right?


...and then the rest of the screencaps in this review were devoted to Stocking.

The next episode is mainly centered around Stocking, so Stocking fans, rejoice! While the angel sisters are looking for guys to pick up one night, Stocking falls head over heels in love with a ghost. It wouldn’t be so bad if the ghost wasn’t one of the ugliest and disgusting ones in this series so far. Panty is disturbed by her sister’s tastes, but can do nothing to dispel the rapidly growing romance.


Ooooh, art shift! (As much as I like Stocking, though; I still think her sister looks better in this style...)


This gives the phrase, "Only an angel can fall in love with a man like that" a whole new meaning.

However, the romance seems rather one-sided—Stocking is absolutely enamored by the ghost, but the ghost treats her like… crap, to be a little less offensive. Despite this, the pair continue to go on dates scarring anyone who passes by. After this relationship has gotten into the tabloids, Panty tries to talk her sister out of it, but Stocking turns a deaf ear. It is around this time that Stocking realizes that because of what she is—that is, an angel—their love is forbidden. So she ends up renouncing her status and asking the ghost to elope with her.


I've probably said this a thousand times before, but... I love Stocking's fashion sense.

When Panty catches wind of this, she tries to intervene one last time to kill off the ghost, but Stocking rushes to the ghost’s aid. Panty then reveals that one of the reasons’ (among many) that she is so against this relationship is that the ghost doesn’t really love Stocking—prompting the ghost to pull out a ring and, *gasp*, actually propose to Stocking! However…


…You guys know what? I’ll let you find out for yourselves. The ending is too good to spoil in words.



My Opinion:

A well-rounded P&S episode this time. The first part was pure fanservice, but at least there was some really nice action (no, not THAT kind) to make it more entertaining to those of us who aren’t as infatuated with boobies. Scanty and Kneesocks continue to deteriorate into somewhat mildly idiotic regular villains, (I was seriously expecting them to do the “We’re blasting off again!” thing when their car blew up at the end), but oh well. It was a fun episode and that’s all that really matters in a Panty and Stocking ep.

The only major problem I had with the first part was the animation. Maybe it was because there was so much action (in the volleyball scene), but the way the girls moved seemed really awkward; especially in their joints like the neck and arms. I think the CGI was just a lot more noticeable in this particular part than in past episodes.

The second part of the episode could be either really sweet or really boring, depending on your tastes. It was pretty damn cheesy when you get to the bottom of it; but I’m such a sap for these things that I loved it. (The Stocking-service helped) Also, the MUSIC. Pffft, stop tempting me with such good music or I might go out and buy the soundtrack even though it costs like 35 USD plus hella expensive shipping

Out of 5: