Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 8

I get this way about food too.

Ika gets a disease with a ridiculous name and even more ridiculous symptons; it is the disease of wanting to eat shrimp so badly that she could die. However eating shrimp apparently makes it even worse….and the paradox is somehow cured with Sanae in that horrifying outfit.
A new ability of Ika’s is discovered…. she can move the fin things on the side of her ‘hat’, although no one can figure out why and what purpose it serves.
Then one rainy day  Ika learns about umbrellas and is amazed by them, thinking they are the GREATEST THING EVAR and striking up a ‘friendship’ with a simple vinyl one.

This screencap cracks me up so hard for some reason.
This costume still terrifies me though.

Luckily, Ika Musume is getting better again. The first segment wasn’t that special and felt as though it really dragged, and wasn’t as funny as it clearly thought it was, but it was rather cute and amusing in places. The next was also an example of an amusing idea stretched too thin, whilst still having its moments. If the episode had just been segments like the first two it would be another rather disappointing episode for me like the last two.
But the final segment, about the umbrellas, was just brilliant to me. Such a simple concept (OH WOW UMBRELLAS ARE TOTALLY AWESOME!) and yet it did so much with it. In fact, it’s one of my favourite Ika Musume segments so far; being funny, ridiculous, endearing..and even rather sad (Umbrella, noooo! You left this world too young!) It was a great way to end the episode and really did carry the rest of it, turning it from an ‘alright’ one to a ‘great’ one.

This is kind of really scary.
This whole part was adorable;;
I would see a movie about Ika infiltrating a company of Eiko-robots and defeating them with only an umbrella, no joke.

Out of 5 (if just for the last part)

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