Kuragehime Episode 6


Kuranosuke succeeds in dolling up the Amars…with the exception of Chieko, whom he explains has her own appearance heightened solely by her ‘framing’ (ie, framing her with nerds makes her just look like a kimono nerd, but with stylish people it makes her like a stylish kimono lady. …and he’s pretty right there.) The girls are treated to a high-class cafe the likes of which they’ve never been to and a fun night is had by all (although the girls are quick to abandon their guises when arriving home again). Meanwhile, bitch-queen Shouko continues to try to get close to Shuu for her nefarious purposes…and succeeds, first drugging him and then taking some troubling photos of them together…leading him to believe that he got drunk and they slept together. While Shouko was after the photos for blackmail purposes her actions have an even deeper effect on Shuu than she could have foreseen, and the event does nothing to help his alleged phobia of women.

Mayaya's lips really scare me... kinda lol that we still don't get to see either of their eyes.
...I want Tsukimi's top.
LOLOL epic face.

aaaaaaaah damn Shuu is adorable.  He’s fast becoming my favourite character and I can’t even pinpoint why, but probably because he’s just so awkward. I didn’t expect him to end up with so much drama surrounding him when he was introduced – particularly not the whole fear of women thing. As if Shouko wasnt enough of an unlikeable bitch as it was.
It was tremendous fun seeing the girls all get dressed up and try to mingle in high society, although I was under the impression was that the purpose of their guises was to go back to protest, not go to a classy cafe… unless they were getting used to it? It’s funny how everyone is still exactly the same, ‘glamorous’ or not. I can’t wait to see how their personalities will clash with their protest plans again, especially looking like this.
The cause for Shuu’s woman-fear seemed a bit of a stretch (to me) but I’m hoping we can see a bit more of his background in the next episode.

...Shuu's face is kind of hilarious.
...am I the only one who sees Mori from Ouran here?
i vote for Shuu looking like this more often.
Mr chauffeur-dude's pretty neat too 8D

Full marks out of 5.

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