This cap is so pretty...

A game of prank doorbell-ringing goes wrong when Ika is caught and so has to pretend that she is the friend of the girl living there. The two end up becoming friends for real and so Ika invites the new girl to her house…but then starts worrying that Chizuru and Eiko wont look kindly on her inviting people over without asking.
Ika learns a lot about makeup after she receives a lipstick Eiko no longer wants. Lulz ensues.
There was also something about Cyndi’s lab again, and a disintergration beam.


I had to cap this wtf 'Stocking Fighter' game they play.

...this is a pretty damn funny jab at its own art style.

lol sanae

This is probably the only time you see any of these people in the cafe...

Sadly this episode again is not exactly a strong one overall but it definitely has its  moments. Ika gaining a friend was surprisingly sweet (and said friend appearing alongside her in the ending credits was adorable too) so this part managed to carry itself on the ‘aaaw’ factor alone. However, the central gag ‘chizuru’s going to be so mad that I invited a friend over without asking, I’m going to totally overreact and think I’m going  to die!’ didn’t even make any sense really. We all saw the end, that she want mad after all, coming. Why would she be mad in the first place? I know Ika’s logic is usually faulty but this was just odd. The stupidity of it marred what was otherwise a very sweet installment.
The second part fared better, and was actually pretty funny; from Ika’s attempts at makeup to her learning about different makeup styles, filtered through her usual strange way of thinking.  Nowhere near as  good as the last episode’s umbrella part, but it’s pretty solid and doesn’t feel like it goes on too long.
The last part just confirmed to me that Cyndi is a really dull character and her assistants are incredibly unfunny. The writing in this part was also pretty bad, I could barely tell what was going on in some parts and nothing really made any sense. It also wasnt anywhere near as funny as it seemed to think it was – the only highlights were Sanae being creepy again. The whole thing culminated in Lemon being destroyed, so I’m wondering if there will be any continuity in the next episode.



...she kind of looks like a candy bar.

Just a little disturbing.

I love Ika all The Scream-like in the middle.

Out of 5,