Kuranosuke’s plan is to buy Amamizukan off the owner, who is overseas…but the tenants see it as a useless goal as nobody has anywhere near enough money. Kuranosuke believes there is plenty of ‘useless’ things around the place that they could sell…however he soon receives a lesson in empathy.
Meanwhile, Shouko continues to be a bitch and when she comes around to return the glasses Shuu left at the hotel, Tsukimi starts to believe she is his girlfriend. And gets very upset.

I-I think they're cute...

Robo-Chieko was pretty lol.

I want to have a drawing-session with Tsukimi <:

I'm sure.

Back when this show started I would never have thought that it could work so well as a drama-romance. Surprise surprise, it does. Obviously, Kuranosuke’s blossoming feelings for Tsukimi are going to create an even bigger dramatic mess and this is really the kind of show where I really don’t know what is going to happen next. And being only at the halfway point,  I can only anticipate even more sudden developments and twists.  That said, I’m still not sure if I prefer Tsukimi and Shuu or Tsukimi and Kuranosuke. Both guys need a bit of schooling about inner beauty, of course….but at this point, it’s delightfull non-obvious what the outcome will be, if any.
The other plot point comes back into focus as BitchWoman pays a visit to the Amamizukan itself, where she is shown about pretty rudely in one very awesome scene. Kuranosuke is still riling the girls up to ‘fight’ so I personally can’t wait to see what they can achieve.

Tsukimi's sadness came across as very believable. It made me sad too :C

...I wouldn't mind a Kuranosuke barbie...

Yeah I too think that many dolls in one place is kind of horror-movie-esque. No offence, Chieko.

d'aaw he looks like a lil schoolboy from an old BL manga.

Out of 5,