They may be small... but they've still got a lot of attitude.

Episode 10 Summary:

This time, we get not just two parts, but THREE.

In the first part, Panty and Stocking have been turned small due to Scanty and Kneesocks’ drug (off-screen); after which they enter Brief’s body through his mouth and just generally wreak havoc. However, while they’re in his stomach, the drug starts wearing off and they start growing back to their normal size, prompting Garterbelt to do… uh… emergency surgery, kind of. (Do I really need to go into detail here?)


"I'm having a baby and the baby is you!" ...Only about a handful of people will get that joke, most likely...

The second part is actually a “three-part series” concerning Chuck and his many adventures being… Chuck. Fastener (the devil sisters’ pet) makes an appearance here. Apparently, there is a male demon in Chuck’s head and a female one in Fastener’s head. And… the episode just continues to get weirder from there.

For a short period of time, Panty and Stocking became a "Tom and Jerry" cartoon.

The third part is pretty much a full-on music video. No plot or anything; just Panty and Stocking (and Garterbelt) performing a track from the P&S OST.

Unexpected things like this music video are one of the many reasons why I love this series.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you can tell what this is a reference to.

"Anarchy~ Everyone wants to be me~"

My Opinion:

Well, this was certainly an interesting episode. Probably the weirdest one so far (and that’s saying something). The first two parts were… alright, I suppose. It’s your typical Panty and Stocking antics, though nowhere near as funny as earlier episodes. It was nice of the producers to put some focus on the minor characters for once, though if you don’t like Brief, Garterbelt, or Chuck then this will be a very boring episode for you.

Before I talk about the music video part of the episode, I want to talk about the animation first. You can tell that the producers were experimenting with the animation here, as it often changed drastically from one part of the episode to the next. The first part (with Brief and Garterbelt) had SUPER DRAMATIC ANGLES while Chuck’s parts were just… yeah. It’s a good thing Panty and Stocking is already such a weird series—I think it gives the animation staff a good place just to experiment and not worry too much about the consequences, since if you’ve seen an episode of P&S before, you pretty much know you’re bound for a crazy ride.

Do I even need to say that the music video was awesome? Well, it was. The song used here was actually featured in an earlier episode—episode 2 to be exact. (The song played during that montage of Panty and Stocking being awesome in Daten High.) I don’t really mind that they re-used the song here, though; as the song itself is pretty good on its own. But what really ejects this part into EPIC territory is that it got turned into a full-scale music video. “Official” made anime music videos are pretty damn rare; so to see so much effort put into this was a nice treat. Plus, there are tons of references everywhere, but I’ll let you find them out for yourself.

I’d give only 2 and ½ score for the first two parts, but the music video kicks this episode into:

and 1/2 Out of 5


I love it when anime characters do that "stare" thing.

Episode 11 Summary:

The first part is centered mainly around Garterbelt. The angel sisters are sick of being bossed around by Garterbelt, so they decide to dig up some dirt on him to use as blackmail. What they end up finding out is Garterbelt’s long and winding history… OR IS IT?


This ain't your usual children's bedtime story.

So... Garterbelt was the one responsible for getting Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden?

The second part is basically just a parody of sitcoms, with Panty and Stocking just sitting around being Panty and Stocking. The girls talk about various things and have various antics while waiting for Garterbelt to finish cooking dinner. Eventually the girls just start dialing up food delivery places out of impatience and later on Brief comes over for a visit. At the end, it’s revealed that Garterbelt made a very large dinner to celebrate him getting the best afro award and the girls are forced to eat all of his cooked food AND the stuff they ordered.

Giant floating sound effects--what else is new?

This is why you should never let Angels starve...

Brief was so cute here...

My Opinion:

This episode wasn’t bad, nor was it really good; it was just kind of “eh” for me. I did like the first part of the episode, as it explained Garterbelt’s possible history. The way the episode ends leaves the question of whether it’s actually TRUE open-ended, but if it is, Garterbelt has just gained a few new levels in badass.

The second part was kind of cute, though not really funny. I found it kind of nice and relaxing to just see all the characters goofing off; though people who are expecting a lot of action and comedy will likely find this part very boring.

Overall, there’s really not much to say for this episode. It’s still an entertaining one at least; with good BGM and animation.

Out of 5: