Shinryaku! Ika Musume Episode 10

I really want to know how Ika sees me. Probably more like Takeru's picture.

Takeru has art homework to do, and Ika wants to join in. Everyone soon learns that she has yet another unexpected talent: despite the fact that she can’t draw for crap using her hand, if she holds the pens and pencils with her tentacles, she can create art like a pro. However her ‘art’ is all incredibly wtf and reflects how she sees the subject in her mind – Takeru’s portrait has nothing particularly out of the ordinary about it, but the rest look like they were taken from David Lynch’s sketchbook. She then gets to learn about TeruTeru Bouzu (charms for good weather) and so decides to be one in order to make Takeru happy, as he wants it to stop raining.
The next segment delves into a frightening and dark place…Sanae’s mind, as she tries to come to terms with her Ika-infatuation; withholding all desires so that Ika will stop being wary of her.
Then it is the return of Ika’s new friend Koyomi, who gets Ika to help her out on her baseball team.

I still think robot-Eiko is hilarious.
But this is my personal favourite.
why yes the entire first half of the pictures -are- Ika's creepy 'artworks'.

Oh man the first part of this episode was just brilliantly hilarious and the gags just kept on coming. From Ika’s creepy artworks to some sudden meta-humour (When Takeru draws Ika’s portrait, it looks just like her, but Ika complains that it looks ‘too much like a manga picture’) it really was making up for lost time for some of the slower portions there have been in the series lately. TeruTeru Ika was also adorable…although the gag was funnier the first time I saw it in Minami-ke. Ika’s amusing observation that the TeruTeru Bouzu smiling whilst hanging from their necks is actually disturbing was pretty brilliant though.
The Sanae-section was…kind of really, really creepy, to be honest. They overplayed the whole thing like a horror anime in places, but damn, that girls got some problems. I thought it was pretty obvious from the start that nothing was going to change by the end, but it was still an amusing…er, ‘ride’.
As for the last section…JAPAN, I HAVE BREAKING NEWS. STOP THE PRESS NOW. ARE YOU READY? : BASEBALL ISNT THAT GREAT. Seriously I swear there are more ‘they play baseball’ episodes in anime than ‘they go to the beach’ episodes and I just don’t get it. I know they really like their baseball over there (which I also don’t get but whatever) but I never understood the appeal of these episodes that usually always play out the same way. They’ll get in a pinch and then the new kid on the team will pull the team through and they’ll win and learn the value of friendship and teamwork. Yawn. But at least Koyomi was in it, I like her. Plus the other two segments made up for it, and there was also Ika doing ridiculous things with her tentacles. (AND NO ONE WAS REACTING WTF)

I'd love an Ika-TeruTeru Bouzu phone strap/keychain.
...For a while there, it was like I was watching a horror anime...
...they are so damn cute though.
...this screencap is pretty QUALITY...

Out of 5,

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