Kuragehime Episode 8

I love RetroShojo!Kuranosuke so much.

Kuranosuke and Tsukimi discover some retro tea sets hidden in the attic that are actually worth something, so they take them to a flea market to sell them. However, it is the handmade jellyfish-doll that Tsukimi brought on a whim that becomes a smash hit, and soon everyone is pitching in to help make batches of them before they completely sell out.
Meanwhile, Keiichirou – Shuu and Kuranosuke’s father- is becoming concerned about Shuu’s behaviour. Although he appears to be ‘dating’ Shouko,  something seems off…and so he implores Yoshio to look into spying on them. Yoshio’s friend is on the job and finds evidence of blackmail almost immediately…
Meanwhile, poor Tsukimi is reminded of how her mother promised to make her a wedding dress like a jellyfish if she ever got married.

She looks cuter with glasses D:
fffff Yoshio is now as cute as Shuu what do
I would buy one of these. Especially if they made them cellphone-strap size.

This was a lovely episode in so many ways. When Kuranosuke and the Amars act as a group, they’re feeling more and more like a ‘family’, and these happy moments where they succeed in something and become happy…make me happy. I talked about the ‘warm and fuzzy Family Effect’ kind of thing before in an Arakawa Under the Bridge review once, but I have to mention again how much of a fan I am of this kind of thing.
And, not only is Tsukimi as adorable as always (seriously the whole wedding dress thing just hnnngh), Yoshio the Benz-otaku is started to be pretty damn adorable too. THIS ANIME IS FULL OF AWKWARDLY ADORABLE PEOPLE <3. Yoshio seems pretty damn absent-minded, though; he phones Shuu instead of his friend who is trailing Shuu because he sneezed and hit the wrong number. More DRAMA then I guess. The speed at which Yoshio can draw a Benz is awesome, though.

Looking pretty cool there Kuranosuke.
I still think she's cuter without the makeup...particularly the lipstick.

Out of 5,

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