These guys finaly reached me yesterday! I know lots of people have been looking forward to this review, so let’s get straight on it.

Just in time for Christmas, so Finland gets the spotlight.

Here is the second set of Hetalia trading figures from Kotobukiya! Much like the first set, they’re based on Himaruya’s art from the Hetalia trading cards (and not, thankfully, the anime art), are about 6 cm (just under 2.5 inches) tall, have magnetic heads to help them stand upright with the help of a magnetic pole, and  bases that say ‘Hetalia’ on them. Only this time, they’re a very manly shade of pink. That’s not the only difference, either. While the first set contained all the main characters (plus Romano as a secret), this second sets’ selection of characters seem more random. Their neck joints are different (allowing their heads to be removed far easier), their colours are much more vibrant and they seem better made over-all. Also there are two secret figures, so there’s a total of 10 in the entire set. Like in the last review I’m going to examine each individually; starting with Finland since it’s the holiday season and all.


My figure-photography has also improved a great deal.


I love that they actually took the effort to make it look like there are square presents in the sack.

No complaints for Finland; he looks adorable all around; with his Santa cape and present-sack. Plus those adorable poofy pants. All his little details – the pockets on his uniform and the pretty colour of his eyes – came out perfectly. If I can nitpick, though – I think the blue of his uniform should be a lighter (sky) blue – it’s a bit too close too Italy’s like this.
His hat is permanently attached to his head. Why this is worth noting you will soon find out.

Prussia (and Gilbird)

…Gilbird’s tail is cute.

Kotobukiya chose to differ slightly from the trading card illustration of Prussia by including Gilbird (probably because Gilbird is getting pretty popular lately; he was on a lot of promotional stuff for the movie, for example).  The problem with Gilbird, though, is that he’s tiny, and I’m really paranoid about losing him. There’s no peg or anything to attach him to Prussia in any way – for display purposes, I’ve just blu-tac’d him to Prussia’s head. I’m not really sure why they chose to include Gilbird if they weren’t even going to attach him to Prussia somewhere…but Prussia looks a good deal cuter with him on his head. As for Prussia himself, he looks perfectly true to the character and his pose really brings his ego across.


They remembered his mole!
He looks quite contemplative from behind.

Besides the fact that he looks adorable, there’s really not all that much to say about Austria. He does look adorable, though. He has a rather unsure, almost shy look on his face, which is interesting because his face looks much more stern in the original illustration. I’m pretty sure its his eyebrows – they’re not as thick as they should be.  But it gives him a softer, cuter kind of face. He is also the only one who isn’t blushing.


Let’s Flying Panning Love!


Also the only long-haired figure in the set. Her hair-sculpt looks gorgeous though, for such a small figure.

The first (and only) female character in the Hetalia One Coin sets so far! (Although if they make a third one, I really, really want a Liechtenstein, Belarus and Ukraine…). Unlike her ‘husband’, Hungary looks much more confident and totally awesome. She’s also weilding a frying-pan; the arm that holds it is detachable (actually, it is packaged separately to the rest of her so you have to attach it to begin with. Quite a few of the figures in this set have parts like this, and they are a little difficult to fit into place because they are so small and fiddly, and I worried about accidentally snapping one, but I didn’t). Now, I said before that Finland’s hat was attached. Why I mentioned this is because Hungary’s isn’t. It’s removable; and it rests on her head because it’s magnetic, which is super neat. (…why Finland’s isnt like this, I don’t know)

She’s cute either way.

I would prefer it if the flower in her hair was more pink, but looking back at the original illustration, it’s also a more dull colour there too.


The overall happiness of my shelf just increased by a whole lot.
…that pose is just so campy.

Oh man, so happy with how Spain turned out. Especially because he has his pretty sun-kissed skin! With his super-cheery pose, all being so nicely painted, he looks really great – even the tomato looks good. It’s painted to be shinier than the rest of him, unlike Romano’s in the previous set which looked kind of dull.  He makes me happy just to look at him, so he’s one of my favourite figures in this set.

Canada (and Kumajirou)

Kumajirou looks so fluffy…

I really love Canada’s trading-card design….but I could swear that the trading card is the only place you actually see it. (I still don’t get why he has both glasses and goggles). Anyway, the Canada figure is quite interesting. Even though there are two other characters with glasses in this set (Austria and Sweden), Canada’s are the only ones that are actually little plastic lenses! (the others are just painted on). It really does make him look a whole lot cuter, too.
His hair sculpt is also very nice, and his ahoge came out well – although quite flimsy so I wouldn’t recommend playing around with it.  I think his hair could have a little bit more of a pinkish tinge to it, however. Also, cute as he is, his closed eye seems a bit too far apart from his other eye.
Kumajirou was in the original picture so he too got figure-fied, and somehow he looks much gentler and cuter, despite his personality. Canada can be displayed with or without him; Kumajirou has a magnet in his back and Canada a magnet in his front which holds him in place. But it looks kind of odd if you take Kumajirou away. You could probably also stick somebody’s disemobied head in his hands and the magnet would probably make it stick! (why didn’t I take a photo of that?)

Without Kumajirou he just looks like he has bad posture.


Compare to Canada’s glasses. These don’t look particularly bad though.


I like how his coat flows out.

Sweden is probably the manliest figure in this set…which still isn’t saying much. Even with his stern face he’s still adorable. As you can see his coat is covered in little creases, seams and buttons which are detailed very well. He also has a sword to hold – like Hungary’s frying-pan, packaged separately, and like Hungary’s frying-pan, kind of a bitch to get into where it goes at first. Like Finland again, his hat can’t be taken off.
He kind of looks like he is perpetually checking out whoever you display him next to.

Greece (and Funny Looking Cat)

His ahoge kind of looks like a clockwork-key!
I love how detailed his jacket looks, with its sleeves blowing out. Also please notice the little paw pads on that kitty fffff

I was pretty damn happy that Greece was part of this set, I can tell you that. Here he is looking rather noble, holding the cross that represents Mount Athos, and with an adorable cat on his head. He’s my favourite in the set; he’s sculpted and painted very well (his clothing looks as though it’s actually blowing in the breeze), his skin is tanned as it should be, and he has an adorable cat on his head. The fact that he has an adorable cat on his head alone would make him the best figure in the set by default. I think his ahoge does look a bit funny in figure form, but that’s hardly a complaint. The Mount Athos cross had to be inserted, but the cat, unlike Gilbird, is permanently stuck on his head. Thank goodness for that; Gilbird is one thing, but I really couldn’t stand losing that cat.

Lastly are the two Secret Figures. When I heard there was 10 figures total but only 9 boxes, I was worried that it meant there would be only one Secret Figure per set. Not only would that result in the annoyance of  an incomplete set, but it would separate poor Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire. However, despite having their own stands each these two actually come in the same box. (So if you were ever buying these separately and in person and wanted them, you’d just have to see which one has the heaviest box I suppose). They’re both a little bit smaller than the others, which just makes them even more adorable.


He’s even adorable from behind.

Chibitalia is, of course, just precious.  His clothing is actually covered in a pearly sheen – much like the Kaito nendoroid and puchi nendoroid, meaning he actually shines. (You can’t really see this in the photos so much, however…) He has this adorable shy, worried expression, like he is scared of all the other, far bigger figures on my shelf. His ahoge is much finer than Italy’s in the first set, so looks more like how it’s supposed to. His hat is also removable…but, being different again, there is no magnet like Hungary’s. It just fits snugly and perfectly on his head.

Chibitalia’s adorable no matter what of course.

Holy Roman Empire

Ready to defend Chibitalia!


He has a groove in his hat for the pole. His hat isn't removable though, which is a shame because he's so cute without it.

HRE looks as brave as a chibi can, with his cape flying dramatically behind him and raising his……… know, I never really knew what this was. I thought it was a sword at first, but it’s actually a kind of sceptre or something. I’m not sure what kind of damage he could hope to do with that, unless it’s a magic wand or something and he’s secretly a wizard. As with most of the other props the arm with the ‘sceptre’ had to be attached.

Of course, all the other perks of the previous set are here, yes you can put them upside down again if you so wish, but more importantly, you can swap everyone’s heads. (it’s also much easier to do this time around due to their new neck joints) The possibilities are almost endless – especially if you combined them with  the first set. Playing around for possibly cute and lulzy combinations I came up with this.

Quite scary how well some fit. Oh and nice boobies Spain.

An adorable set of figures, well worth the price-tag considering the amount of detail and how many you get. It’s a huge improvement from the first line as well. Out of 5,

Where to Buy:
AmiAmi are my most recommended, but they currently only have a few sets remaining.
Anime-Export also have them at a discount.
Hobby-Search does too.
Aikoudo has them too, although I’ve never ordered from them before.