This whole thing reminded me of Potter Puppet Pals for some reason.

Deen continue their endeavour to animate nearly every damn thing Himaruya has ever drawn (besides, you know, the ‘not child-friendly’ and ‘too gay’ stuff); this time it’s another one of the small pictures from a colour page in volume 3. Comparable to the “It’s Heaven when…/it’s Hell when…” one, this one is a joke about a German, a Japanese and an Italian who go out to lunch. Germany wants to split the bill concisely and evenly,  over-polite Japan wants to treat everyone and Italy just wants a free meal.  Then there’s another damn unfunny ‘punchline’ strip, although there’s also another “Nihon-kun and America-kun” where America freaks the hell out over Japan’s ‘large’ fast food size not being big enough for him.
Most of the episode is about Prussia and Hungary back in the day, though, with Prussia finding a wounded Hungary who was beaten by the Ottomans. In his (frankly creepy) excitement to help patch her up, he is once again acquainted with her boobs.

what is that background

must be quality background day

Americans in my audience, I want to know how accurate this is.

I love when Prussia has that ‘aw shit’ face.

Another mixed bag episode. I thought we were through with the stupid ‘punchline’ things, so I really hope that was the last one. At least they got it over with quickly. On top of that, however, for some inexplicable reason the skit from the start of the episode is reused at the end after the credits (but even though the dialogue is the same, it’s clearly a different take).  The bit itself is amusing enough, and like before they’ve turned it into a cute little song again which I like because you can hear how much fun the VAs are having (particularly in the first one, where Italy/Namikawa goes full retard for a second). As for the repetition, I have no damn idea why they did this (like with 98% of other ‘decisions’ Deen makes), and if they had removed that and the stupid ‘punchline’ thing, there would have been room for another whole strip in there.
But I can’t bitch too long at an episode that contained glorious Hungary boobs. Prussia and Hungary together is always filled with lulz, but I was admittedly a bit confused (and relieved) that this was even animated. Last time the anime mentioned Hungary’s boobs, the episode was an OVA-only, so I was sure if this strip was animated it would be too. But this time, even when we get to see them in all their lovingly-detailed, dramatic-music-enhanced glory, it’s fine? Man whatever Deen, I can’t be bothered trying to understand you.
About America and the “HOW IS THIS ‘LARGE'” spaz attack thing; I want to state that, in my experience with Americans in Japan, this is entirely true. When I was on exchange at Kyushu University we had a bunch of Americans in our class and they would frequently go on and on and on about this. “I THOUGHT THEY GAVE ME A SMALL, I WAS SO CONFUSED.” Japanese KFC sizes are smaller than Australia’s, but the Mcdonalds’ seemed the same to me. Just how big are American Mcdonalds’ servings then? (I’d like to believe what was shown in Hetalia was an exaggeration but…)

d’aaw Hungary.


fffuu prussia take your damn meds

why hello there

Out of 5,