Shiki Episode 18 and 19

Okay, sorry that Shiki’s been delayed so much/often. I was an idiot and though that episode 19 wasn’t airing until THIS week, but it actually aired LAST week. So when this week came around, I ended up having THREE Shiki episodes that needed reviewing. Whoops. I have no other excuse other than that I shouldn’t trust wikipedia so much…


Tatsumi what... what are you wearing


Episode 18 Summary:

When this episode begins, Tatsumi is shown visiting Yuuki’s house, where Yuuki’s dad has gone COMPLTELY BATSHIT INSANE. While there, Tatusmi reveals to Yuuki that he is actually “Jinrou;” a sub-species of Shiki that has a regular pulse, can eat normal food, and can withstand sunlight. Tatsumi and Yoshie are the same in this respect. However, in order to unlock their true potential, they need to drink human blood, something that Yuuki has been actively avoiding. Around this point, Tatsumi gets mad at Yuuki for supposedly saving Akira (the kid from several episodes ago) and nearly kills him. He only stops because Sunako wants Yuuki within their ranks; so with a warning, Tatsumi takes his leave.

That night, Yoshie takes Toru to the shed where corpses bitten by shiki are held to see if they rise up again. On that night, Ritsuko rises, whereupon Yoshie leaves to let Toru take care of the rest (breifing Ritsuko on being a shiki, etc). However, despite Toru’s insistence, Ritsuko refuses to accept that she is now a shiki, saying that she doesn’t want to have to kill anyone.

Awwww, Ritsuko, you'll always be one of my favorites. ;-;

During these events, the large November festival that had been planned for episodes has finally been put into motion. Chizuru (visiting Ozaki to see if he’s destroyed the death certificates) expresses a desire to go to the festival, so Ozaki asks her if she wants to go there with him. Although Chizuru is apprehensive about this at first, due to the temple where most of the festival is being held at, she eventually concedes, believing that Ozaki is fully under her mind control.

...Yeah I don't really have anything else to say other than: augh, bad video quality.
her boobs are still HUGE though
Chizuru was cute as a human...

As they get nearer and nearer to the temple, however, Chizuru becomes more and more reluctant to press on. Finally, she’s had enough and orders Ozaki to take her back. Unfortunately for her, it seems as if Ozaki has been able to break her hypnosis somehow, after which he reveals to all the villagers present that Chizuru is a shiki.

Episode 19 summary:


I'm pretty sure this scene happened either during or right after Chizuru was killed. Talk about mood whiplash.

Continuing from the last episode, the villagers are enraged at Chizuru being a shiki. She attempts to escape, and even tries to attack Ozaki, but gets killed by Megumi’s dad. Shortly after this, Ozaki organizes an “army” of sorts in order to weed out the shiki. And thus, the shiki-hunt begins…

Meanwhile, Tatsumi tells news of Chizuru’s death to Sunako, who is greatly saddened. Sunako then orders Tatsumi to mobilize the other shiki and kill Ozaki. During this scene, it is revealed that Muroi has sided with the shiki; currently living with them and even giving up his blood for them (or to Sunako, at least).


I... kind of want a figure of Sunako in this.
GDI Muroi, stop being so cute even when you look so sad... D:

As these events are going on, Toru continues trying to get Ritsuko to suck blood—specifically blood from a former nurse that she had worked with. Toru presses Ritsuko, saying that she’ll die if she doesn’t feed, but Ritsuko strongly continues to resist despite her weak state. Also, we see Masao try to convince Megumi to run away with him, but Megumi quickly puts Masao back in his place.


THIS pretty much.
I'm rather impressed at Megumi's VA's voice range. When she was talking to Masao, her voice was somewhat deep, but here it's all high-pitched. Caught me totally off-guard.

After a scene-switch, we finally get to see what Kaori has been up to all this time. Kaori’s mental state has continued to deteriorate, rendering her almost completely insane. Believing that she’s the next victim on Megumi’s hit-list, she has holed herself up in her house with a baseball bat and stakes, deciding to fight to the death if it comes to it. However, the shiki that comes to get her is actually… her own father. Overcome with the shock from this revelation, Kaori mercilessly beats her dad with the bat. It is unknown if she actually kills him.

Kaori's such a woobie...

As dawn approaches, things get so bad that Tatsumi instructs Sunako to go into hiding, entrusting her to Muroi. Tatsumi also sucks Muroi’s blood in order to gain strength for what’s to come. After dawn breaks, Ozaki and the remaining villagers bust into the Kirishiki mansion and trash the place in an attempt to sniff out more shiki. The war between humans and shiki has officially begun…

My Opinion:

Okay… so. Basically the tldr; version of those two summaries above is, “…AND THEN SHIT GOT REAL.” Because it really did.

If you were waiting for some action or for the humans vs. vampires plot to finally kick in… well, this is it. This marks the final battle against the shikis, if it can even be called that. The role of Ozaki is probably the biggest twist there is in this whole series. (Well… possibly Yuuki too, but that’s a whole other matter.) Although Ozaki was bitten once, he amazingly uses it to his advantage; and instead of dying like Yuuki did, he actually went to to do the impossible—prove to the villagers that shiki exist. And he does it in the most epic way possible. Although I think Ozaki can come off as rather cold-hearted when dealing with shiki, I was still impressed with his strategizing.

On the topic of shiki, I did feel somewhat sad about Chizuru’s death. Not as much as Kyoko, but… This series really makes you question whether it’s right to kill someone (or something), even if they’re killing off members of your species. Like I’ve said before, there’s no “good” or “evil” forces here. Everyone is just fighting to survive.

Anyway, I don’t want to delve too much into the philosophical stuff, so I’ll continue talking about the episodes themselves. In comparison to the manga, yet more events have been moved around making it really annoying to talk about. Fortunately, they don’t really hurt the story in any way, they just make it flow better. The part where Tatsumi visits Yuuki actually happens a bit earlier in the manga, but that’s pretty much the biggest difference in these two episodes. There’s also another significant difference, but it’s a spoiler that will be discussed in the next review.

Those of you who are squimish might find these episodes disturbing to watch, but it gets worse. So much worse…

4 thoughts on “Shiki Episode 18 and 19

  1. Clinton December 17, 2010 / 10:05 pm

    Ozaki showed that second bit mark remember it came from Natsuno and it overode chizuru’s hypnosis commands

    they skipped out a part with Kaori after she beat her dad and saw that it was not killing him she went and got a pick ax and finished him off

    • Ariana December 17, 2010 / 11:53 pm

      Yeah, I know it came from Natsuno (having read the manga), but they haven’t said who it was that bit Ozaki in the anime yet. Which is why I didn’t want to spoil that revelation in this review.

      • clinton December 18, 2010 / 12:14 am

        everyone who watched it myself included (as a saw episode 17 before i read the manga) pretty much figured out that Natsuno bit him to override the mind control

        • Ariana December 18, 2010 / 12:56 am

          Ah, okay then.

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