This episode actually has tons of PLOT, so…


It must hurt having to bend over like that all the time when talking to the mayor...


The first part of the episode revolves around the devil sisters (Scanty and Kneesocks) giving a report on the Ghosts they’ve made so far to the mayor. This part basically just serves as a recap for all the significant events that have happened in the Panty and Stocking anime, and gives some background info on the Ghosts if you were curious.

It was hard getting good screencaps for this part of the episode just because so many things happened on screen.

Scanty and Kneesocks end up simply angering the mayor for their incompetence and are severely punished (by being dropped into some type of sewer or toilets again). After this, the mayor muses about the “Hellsmonkey,” which he believes Brief is in possession of.


In the next part, Panty and Stocking have finally finished collecting enough Heavens (the coin, that is) to re-enter heaven. However, only Stocking gets back in. Panty ends up having to re-do the whole process because she still hasn’t learned her lesson (and still goes around having sex with tons of men trying to bed at least 1000). Panty is extremely pissed about this, and “teams up” with Brief to go hunting for more Ghosts… which in the end she leaves for Brief to deal with while she tries to reach her personal goal.

Later on, Panty only needs to sleep with one more man to reach 1000, but she’s unable to find any left around her, or something. Around this time, Brief is called up for a party, and decides to invite Panty along. The party is pretty classy, because as it turns out; the party is actually a “wedding” of sorts. And the wedding is between Scanty and Brief, who’s actually the son of some wealthy business-owner.

I love Panty's new outfit... a lot.

Who's THIS dashing young man?

This scene was simply lovely.

The whole thing is actually a ruse to try to kidnap Brief, but Brief inadverdently ruins the plan by proposing to Panty instead. Their disguises blown, Scanty and Kneesocks end up fighting it out against Panty. Although Panty’s able to hold her ground for a while, her gun suddenly stops working at the most crucial moment, causing Brief to have to rescue her. The two run away to an abandoned farm-house and attempt to make love, but Panty discovers that she’s unable to.

I knew that Brief would be cute without his hair covering his eyes... but I really wasn't expecting him to be "bishonen!"

Garterbelt suddenly busts in on the scene, and tells Panty exactly WHY she can’t have sex… which… I don’t really want to go into detail here. (Watch the episode for yourself if you’re that curious.) Anyway, the mayor also drops in around this time, revealing that Brief’s… dick is the “Hellsmonkey;” an actual… key. The mayor (whose name is Corset), then kidnaps Brief with the aid of the devil sisters, and the three abscond to someplace else. Meanwhile, Panty is left distressed and heartbroken, her powers completely disappearing.

Panty...! D:

My Opinion:

Oh man, this episode. Just… oh man. I can’t even begin to form words to express how much I loved this episode.

I was honestly not expecting so much plot and character development in a Panty and Stocking episode, but it’s the penultimate one so I guess that’s to be expected. That’s not to say that it was a bad thing, however. Even though P&S has mostly been a comedy/crack series, it still manages to pull of serious scenes really well (such as the second part of episode 9 for example).

I’m a little bit sad that Stocking wasn’t able to do much in this episode, but out of the sisters, Panty’s sins are worse by far than Stocking’s obsession with sweets; so it was reasonable that her punishment on earth was prolonged. Character development on her end was nice too, though I honestly don’t care if Panty never changed because that means more P&S episodes. Although she only really “fell in love” with Brief after seeing how bish he actually was, (which carries some negative connotations); at least it’s shown that she actually loves him for more than just his superficial qualities.

Because of all the plot in this episode, there wasn’t room for much comedy, obviously. But the action scenes and whatnot are still as good as ever.

This episode makes it painfully clear that the Panty and Stocking series is coming to an end. It’s somewhat depressing seeing such a unique and fun series coming to an end, but I can already tell that the final episode is going to be amazing.

Oh, what the hell; this gets

1/2 out of 5