these things absolutely horrify me.

Eiko finds an old vintage doll of hers that has since become a collector’s item. However Ika is terrified of it for a few reasons.
Cyndi and her assistants have decided that Chizuru is in fact a stranger entity than Ika, and thus she must be an alien too. They go to all kinds of extremes to try to secure a hair sample from her to study.
Finaly Ika gets to learn about the joys of hiking as the gang all head up a mountain for a picnic.


That's one big bag of chips for one person.

aaaw little Eiko is cute.

brb crying forever

auuuugh geez those dolls scared the crap out of me. It was a decent enough segment (also lol at the dolls being called ‘Johnny’ and ‘Depp’)and the downright creepiness of the dolls being somehow lost on Eiko and Sanae was amusing, but to tell the truth I was glad when it was over with.
I wasn’t very glad when the next part turned out to be about the lab assistants though. I’ve said it many times already but I’ll say it again; they aren’t funny. It’s painfully obvious how funny they are meant to be and that just makes them even more annoying. But at least this segment had Chizuru being scary to make up for it.
The last part was nothing majorly special, but it was a cute and relaxing kind of piece. Ika’s confrontation with her echo was kind of adorable too. It’s one of their segments where it’s fun to just watch Ika doing anything, because she’s such a fun-to-watch character.
Next episdode will be the last one, although given the popularity of this show I would be surprised if it didn’t have a second season announced.

This is still less scary than those #)W%*^ing dolls.


I love how perplexed this bear looks.

that blanket is kind of needlessly big.

Out of 5,