Shiki Episode 20

I’ve finally caught up with the Shiki reviews! …Even if this was really late; but better late than never, right?


Be prepared for the most violent Shiki episode to date.


The Shiki-hunts from the last episode continue; and now that it is morning, it’s the prime time for the remaining human villagers to put a dent in the Shiki population. During the hunts, Ookawa (the alcohol shop owner) meets face to face with his son, whom he kills. Although he’s saddened, he believes that he’s done the right thing since his son’s sins are his responsibility.

Girly-boy vs. girly-man! Who will win?

As the sun starts to set, Ozaki wonders where the other shiki are hiding, since they’ve pretty much ransacked all the houses with Shiki in them. That’s when he realizes that a second hide-out of theirs’ is an underground tunnel of sorts. However, just as a village elder is about the review the location of this tunnel, he is shot in the head. The bullet was actually meant for Ozaki; and was shot by the sniper, Seishirou. Before Seishirou can fire any more shots, Yuuki intervenes. As the two exchange words, it is revealed just WHY Seishirou decided to join the shikis.

It was around this point that I went, "OH CRAP I should be taking screencaps."

Meanwhile, Ritsuko is shown still trying to resist her hunger for blood; a feat that is becoming increasingly more difficult because she hasn’t eaten for days, and because she’s locked up with a live human victim (who happens to be a co-worker nurse at the clinic). Toru desperately tries to get her to feed, but Ritsuko still refuses; stating that she became a nurse to save lives—she couldn’t bear to be the person who takes them away. After this, Toru reluctantly lets Yasuyo (the human nurse) go.

...About half of my screencaps for this episode ended up being Muroi and Sunako...

Back in the secret cellar of the mansion, Sunako tells Muroi that she’s scared of dying, despite having killed so many people. She then bemoans her fate as a Shiki, saying that they have to kill others to live; while Muroi continues getting weaker and weaker…

This screencap looks rather macabre until you realize that Sunako's looking really sad instead of smiling.
I really like the perspective on this shot.

Back at the temple which has been made into a base of operations against the Shiki, Ozaki is once again nearly killed—this time by human villager who had been hypnotized by a Shiki. Although Ozaki tries to prevent the villagers from killing this man, the villagers’ rage can not be stopped; and they murder him, saying that a person on the side of the Shikis (hypnotized or not) is essentially just as bad as them. Ozaki watches in horror at what he has put into motion.

brb, crying FOREVER

My Opinion:

I was pretty much blown away by this episode. Probably one of the best Shiki episodes so far (imo), just because of all the emotional scenes. That coupled with all the violence makes this one of the more memorable episodes in the series.

I don’t mind violence—I’ve watched way more violent series than this, but even I was disturbed while watching this episode. However, what I liked about the violence was that it wasn’t just there for kicks; as this conflict has escalated into a “war” now, it becomes a chillingly realistic portrayal. (Well… as realistic as a war between humans and vampires can be, anyway.) Either way, war is violent, and much blood is shed.

The thing I really liked about the episode was the emotional scenes, as said earlier. The scene where the father kills his (now) Shiki son was rather heart wrenching; and the scene between Toru and Ritsuko was even more so. It takes a lot of skill to make you want to cry over the plight of an anime character, so kudos to the producers for pulling it off so well.

As far as manga and anime differences go… I honestly can’t say anymore. The anime has now gone beyond the point of where the scanlations are. However, there is one particular change I know of. The elder getting shot in the head actually happened earlier in the manga—pretty much right after Chizuru was killed. I wonder if this event being moved to a later point in the anime will have any significant consequences…

The Shiki anime only has two more episodes left. At this point, I’m torn between being excited and being scared about what the ending will be. I’m glad that it’s nearing its end, but I’m also worried at what ending they’re going to pull, since the manga seems to have a slightly longer story. It makes me wish that the Shiki anime had gone a bit faster at the beginning, since it seems like its glossing over the most important part of the story now. Still, I guess that just shows that patience pays off when it comes to good story-telling, since this episode was great in that regard.

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