Kuragehime Episode 9

I love Tsukimi's room~

Hey blog-readers, this is potentially the last post before Christmas! I hope you all have a good one.

Kuranosuke and Tsukimi decide to go ahead with creating a dress modelled on a jellyfish and then getting rich with the design to buy Amamizukan. Not being able to work properly at the place itself, the two decide to go to Kuronosuke’s place…however, when they get there, Shu and Shouko are there already, along with Shu and Kuranosuke’s father. After a confrontation and Kuronosuke (rightfully) accusing Shouko of fabricating lies about sleeping with Shuu, she shows off the photo she took…which Tsukimi naturally ‘misinterprets’ and leaves in tears, falling into a deep and heartbroken depression.

Little-Tsukimi's classmates suck >:C
nnnn ;w;

It’s time for another drama-filled episode, and with only two more episodes to go after this one it’s probably only going to keep escalating. Yet despite all the angsting and crying and curling-up-into-a-ball-and-wanting-to-die-ing on Tsukimi’s part, there is glimmers of humour throughout the episode. Shouko’s over-the-top horribleness, Yoshio’s over-the-top nonchalant-ness, Shouko’s reaction to finding out Shuu really is a virgin, Shuu in general (egads the guy’s adorable).
There’s also more teasing glimpses of Kuronosuke’s mysterious mother. It would be interesting to see her ‘in person’ before the ending, but with the manga still going I’m personally hoping for a second season.
Despite how strong the plot and characters have been, the one downside of the episodes right now is a noticeable decrease in some of the animation quality. It’s not in many places that really matter, but it’s still there, which is  a shame.

Gah he's such a precious kid.
(I was hoping this was going to be addressed pft)
...wow, Kuranosuke looks real mature here 😮

Out of 5,

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