Shiki Episode 21

Second-to-last episode of Shiki ahoy.


I still don't like him much, but he's alright with me after this episode.
I like Tatsumi a lot more when he's not being portrayed as a "super macho manly man."

The villagers have become desensitized to the violence around them. In fact, they’ve become so desensitized that killing Shiki doesn’t even faze them, and even the women are chatting and laughing like there’s nothing unusual about being splattered by blood or burying mounds upon mounds of bodies.

Back at the mansion, Sunako is becoming more and more inconsolable as she is gripped by the constant fear that she will be next. Tatsumi, however, vows that he will protect her no matter what. To comfort her a little, Muroi tells Sunako why he tried to kill himself once, while also telling her the ending to his story. (Which I won’t even try to summarize here because it will lessen the impact.)


Meanwhile, while it is still dark, Yoshie leads a small group of Shiki to try and make a last stand against the humans. They bite as many humans as they can and hypnotize them into sabotaging the humans’ efforts. For one particular victim, Yoshie hypnotizes him into killing Ozaki. As dawn approaches, Yoshie tries to attack more humans on her own, but is killed by Seishirou, who had been bitten and hypnotized by Yuuki.

During this time, Yasuyo somehow amazingly survives despite all odds AND being chased by a pack of Seishirou’s dogs. She immediately goes to Ozaki’s stronghold and tells him where the rest of the Shiki are hiding—in Yamairi. However, Yasuyo seems to have second thoughts about this action, after seeing how ruthless the human villagers have become. The men immediately go to Yamairi, and more Shiki are slaughtered, including Toru and Ritsuko. Pretty much all the Shiki have been wiped out now, but Ozaki refuses to stop until ALL are dead.

...Yes, even when this series is this depressing, I can still crack jokes, haaaa...
I like to think that the leftmost guy's expression is because of what Yasuyo is wearing during this scene.

He remembers two Shiki that are still alive: Tatsumi and Sunako. However, he doesn’t know where they are, until another villager suggests they go check out the mansion again because he thinks there’s probably a basement. And so, Ozaki’s “army” heads back to the mansion. Tatsumi, seeing this, realizes that the villagers have discovered Sunako’s hideout, and so quickly stuffs Sunako in a large suitcase and asks Muroi to escape with her. Tatsumi, on the other hand, has pretty much sacrificed himself to be a decoy.

loli in a box
Kind of an... unorthodox way to travel, but okay.
I... should have definitely planned these screenshots better as there's a whole bunch in this section...
Probably not the absolute last we'll see of Tatsumi, but...

While most of the villagers have followed after Tatsumi, Muroi takes the chance to drive Sunako and himself to the temple, since that’s the only place he knows of to hide temporarily (as all the exits from the village have been blocked). In his weakened state, Muroi has a hard time carrying Sunako around, but nonetheless manages to hide behind the altar when a few of the villagers spy his car.

The villagers, in their rage, kill Muroi’s mother and some other temple workers when they can’t reveal where Muroi is hiding. Muroi is greatly saddened by this when he finds out, but still continues to try escaping with Sunako. On the way out, he’s not so lucky and gets slashed by one of the villagers, losing even more blood. Even so, he somehow manages to escape into the woods dragging the suitcase with Sunako inside. At the end of his rope, Muroi hides Sunako under a small incline and walks away, hoping to draw the villagers away from her.

Muroi is a freaking BADASS. I don't care what anyone else says. :/

My Opinion:

The Shiki anime continues to reward people for their patience. This episode, like the last, had great story-telling and there was never a dull moment. Muroi gets most of the spotlight in this episode, though the switching of perspectives to other characters is well done as always.

What I like most about this episode is that it really nails it down just how strong a person Muroi is. Although he may have seemed like a bit of a weak or sissy-ish monk at the beginning of the series, he has managed to escape with Sunako multiple times while suffering blood loss, and even while suffering from a gaping wound. That takes a lot of willpower. It’s pretty much guaranteed by now that Muroi will die, (I mean, I can tell that without even knowing what’s going on in the manga at this point). I just hope that he and Ozaki have one last “confrontation.” It just wouldn’t be right if they didn’t…

It’s also pretty clear by now that the humans will “win” as there are only a handful of Shiki left. However, a steep price has been paid for this victory. The human villagers left in Sotoba are now ruthless and jaded, having no qualms with killing not only Shiki but somewhat innocent villagers who have gotten in their way. They are also full of paranoia now, to boot. Even if the villagers were somehow able to return to their “normal” village life after all this was over, they will never be the same. And a village full of people who are so paranoid and distrusting of each other will not last long. In a way, the human villagers’ transformation to this state is possibly even scarier than the Shikis themselves…

About the episode itself, the animation seemed a little higher than usual. This is probably because this is the next-to-last episode. Before I end this review, however, I want to ask one thing… WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO AKIRA?! He disappeared around… six episodes ago? And he still hasn’t shown up since. I know that there’s a high chance that Yuuki rescued him but… where is he?! I’ve been so caught up in the action that I nearly forgot about him. I hope they resolve this issue in the next episode, because if they don’t there’ll be a gaping plot hole and that would just sort of mar how great the Shiki series has been so far. :/

Anyway, I should stop here before this becomes a five page essay; so see you next time for the final episode!

Muroi... ;-;

6 thoughts on “Shiki Episode 21

  1. Clinton December 24, 2010 / 4:37 am

    what happened to Masao and Megumi

    and isnt Yoshie a warewolf who could live getting shot in the head I thought she would have to be decapitated to die from head injurys

    • Ariana December 24, 2010 / 4:40 am

      Masao probably got killed by his sis (but I don’t think he’s important enough to get a mention in the summary); don’t know about Megumi. I’m guessing she’ll probably make one last appearance in the next ep.

      I don’t know about Yoshie either. For now, I’m just saying that she’s “dead” until further notice.

      • Clinton December 24, 2010 / 4:45 am

        huh Masao still has living family members I don’t think he is dead if some one was to get out of town like he wanted to it would be him

        • Ariana December 24, 2010 / 4:47 am

          Well, the woman’s technically his sister-in-law, I think.

          In this episode he ran back to his house because he had no where else to hide, but his sister looked about ready to kill him.

  2. Clinton December 24, 2010 / 4:43 am

    also I can’t side with the humans anymore its too hard the second they started turning on one another for no real reason was the last straw and i can’t side with the Shiki ether because they caused all of this in the first place

    this is all Ozaki Natsuno and Sunako’s fault why could she have not gone to a hospital and get blood from a blood bank I’m sure it would have been treated like an desease and she would have been helped she only needs a cups worth of blood before she becomes full

    • Ariana December 24, 2010 / 4:51 am

      Yeah, I agree with you on the first point. But I think that was the author’s intention (since this series was based on a light novel). Sometimes a series doesn’t have heroes or villains, you just have people fighting one another and it’s just sad.

      About your second point, if it were that easy, Sunako wouldn’t have to have gone into hiding. If someone like her went to a hospital, they’d be killed on spot or if not, experimented upon. Not all humans are so understanding–most people would just kill anything that scares them or that they don’t understand. I think that’s the point this series is trying to make, among other things.

      …Also, sorry to go all philosophical on you like that. xD;

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