Man wtf I could have sworn the last season only just started. But everything’s around episode 11-12-13 now; it all just flew by and the 2011 season is already getting into gear.
With short web-anime of questionable quality.

“What a nice day. I think I’ll stand around broodily so Deen don’t have to animate anything.”


First of I want to say that the whole ‘Starry Sky’ franchise has been something of a curious mystery to me. I never actually knew about it until I saw an in-store merchandise display promoting it about a year ago in Animate in Fukuoka (but learned much later that it’s had a sizeable fan-following in both english and japanese for much longer than that), and with all the star signs and CDs featuring a different pretty-boy with a different star sign motif I assumed it was some pretty-boy fest about personified star signs that was influenced by the popularity of Hetalia.  Turns out it’s just their personalities that are modelled on traits associated with different star signs, or so Wikipedia says anyway. Also it’s based on an Otogame (or female-orientated dating sim/visual novel that usually feature an all-male cast doting on a single girl), and it’s nigh-impossible to translate those into anime without the lead female becoming a Mary-Sue (unless the studio puts some effort in). Given that our studio is my favourite anime studio ever, Studio Deen, you can probably guess just how high my expectations for this were.
(Even though I’ll admit the star signs thing is kinda cute)

Basically there’s an academy for pretty boys that has recently gone co-ed, but only one girl has enrolled. Our first pretty boy we get to see is Henri (Capricorn it seems) who wants to return to Japan – and this school – while his parents move to America (where he’s returning to Japan and they’re going to America from I don’t think is ever established unless I missed it), because said girl is one who said his eyes were pretty when he was a kid. He’s self-conscious about his reddish eyes because apparently in a universe where everyone has multi-coloured pastel hair colours having reddish eyes is just weird. He reunites with her at the end of the episode (which is roughly 10 minutes or so) but she doesn’t seem to recognize him at first.

If I was watching this on mute I would have assumed his parents were a lesbian couple. His father (the redhead) looks more like a woman than his mother and its damn creepy having this manry voice coming out of that.

Here is an accurate depiction of my facial expression throughout the duration of this episode=  😐    :\    :/   😐
This whole thing was so underwhelming that it was overwhelming, and if Deen did anything right it was only making the episodes 10 or so minutes long because I probably would have fallen asleep before it ended otherwise.  Guys with misty-eyes standing around brooding – when I don’t know who they are or have any reason to care, doesn’t make me very interested in their character. It’s just like the over-the-top boobs-boobs-everywhere shows aimed at men; when you coat something in this much fanservice of any kind it just gets stupid. Starry Sky commits a double-offense here because whilst pretty boys standing around brooding can be nice eye candy in moderation, this is Studio Deen we’re talking about, and they resort to still-pans and poor quality animation all the damn time.
Nothing else really happens; we don’t know Henri’s personality (besides that he likes to brood a lot but hell I bet they all do), we don’t know Tsukiko’s (i see what they did there) personality, and we’re not even given much indication as to whether they even have any (although I’ll take Wikipedia for granted that the boys will have ‘traits’ but there’s no sign of those yet).
This anime is basically a slideshow of pretty boys. The designs of the pretty boys aren’t that bad, and Deen actually didn’t draw them that bad either (it’s the animation more than the art that’s low-quality), so if you like to look at pretty boys this might get somewhat watchable. But it looks pretty damn boring, and if I was that desperate to look at the Starry Sky boys I’d just look at the original game art.
Maybe ‘it gets better’, maybe we’ll even get lucky and Tsukiko won’t be a gigantic Mary-Sue, maybe it might even become a fun guilty pleasure kind of thing. But since this is a review of the first episode, and a first impression at that, colour me not impressed.

Also geez these uniform designs are ugly. There’s such a thing as moderation, guys.

Out of  5,