Panty and Stocking Episode 13 (Final)

Merry Christmas everyone! As a present, here’s the final review for the Panty and Stocking anime!

There’s tons of plot here so SPOILERS. Also, slight NSFW-ness!

It's been a while since we've seen Panty in that outfit.


I… I don’t even know where to begin summarizing this episode, because trying to summarize this ep is like trying to write down the ramblings of a schizophrenic person on crack. But… I’ll try my best.

When the episode first begins, Garterbelt kicks Panty out of the Church because she’s pretty much useless to him now that she’s lost her powers. Soon after, Panty falls down a manhole and into some sort of alternate country-side dimension. After recuperating there for a bit, Panty gains back her confidence and goes to rescue Brief. Turns out that it was all just a ruse set up by Garterbelt in order to help kick Panty out of her depression.

It's kind of refreshing to see Panty portrayed as an "innocent" girl for once...
I loved this scene; so beautiful!

Panty, still powerless, confronts evil mayor Corset and the Devil Sisters who are trying to use Brief’s “key” to open the Hellsgate. And Panty does this by… “sleeping” with Brief, basically. Seeing their plans being thwarted, Corset orders Scanty and Kneesocks to interfere, but Stocking jumps down from heaven to help her sister. After Brief and Panty both achieve simultaneous orgasms, Panty suddenly regains her Angel powers and teams up with Stocking to kick some butt.

Nothing says, "I'm going to kick your ass" more than sunglasses and a motorcycle.
As annoying as the Devil sisters were in this episode, I love their "cat smiles" here.
Stocking! Yay!
Two words: BAD. ASS.

However, Brief still ends up opening the Hellsgate anyway (…long story) and the ultimate Ghost/Demon is released upon the world. And it… pretty much looks like a giant dong. Anyway, around this point, Garterbelt steps in and has a mini-battle with Corset (who’s wielding Scanty and Kneesocks around as his swords… IT MAKES SENSE IN CONTEXT), while the Angel sisters try to bring down the giant Ghost/Demon.

Oh my goodness, DAT ANIMATION
Garterbelt decides to get in on the action.

Garterbelt gets stabbed by Corset and dies. Panty and Stocking find out that they can’t harm the Ghost/Demon with their weapons and try to devise another plan. Around this time, they discover Garterbelt’s “Black Card,” which is basically a credit card that allows Panty and Stocking to buy whatever they want from heaven. The girls buy tons of holy undergarments which ends up forming a giant gun and point it at Corset who had recently just merged with the giant dong Ghost/Demon.

Garterbelt can survive WITHOUT HAVING HIS HEART IN HIS BODY. How badass is that?
Also, this is Chuck's real form.

However, the girls had the gun pointing the wrong way so it shoots UP into heaven instead. Although it looks like Panty and Stocking have lost, they end up summoning a heavenly being (basically a giant pair of legs from the stomach down) that comes down and re-seals the Hellsgate. Turns out that the heavenly being might actually be Panty and Stocking’s mom(!).

BY THE POWER OF GREYSK--you know what? I'm not going there.
This is an awesome image. That's all there really is to say on the matter.

Daten City, the whole world, and heaven are basically saved; and Garterbelt somehow gets revived. But Panty and Stocking probably have to gather more Heavens again because of their behavior. They don’t mind this, though—and so, there is a happy ending for the Angel sisters… OR IS THERE?!

My Opinion:

If my summary sounded like it was written by a drunken screenwriter, then GOOD; because that’s basically what the final episode was like. Not that that’s a bad thing, mind you. Since this is a Panty and Stocking episode we’re talking about, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Man, I don’t even know what to say about this episode in all honesty. I have much mixed feelings, but they’re mostly generally positive and veer towards the word “AWESOME.” The story feels at times a bit rushed and slap-dash in this episode, though I think that’s mainly because the anime runs on such a strict time-limit. However, if the story was dragged out, it probably wouldn’t have been very entertaining to watch.

The animation quality in this episode was slightly better than the average Panty and Stocking episode. In terms of the WAY in which it was executed, however; this episode is waaaaay off the charts. As should be expected from a “final” episode. I can bet the animators had a lot of fun with this.

There are still tons of jokes this time; though with the way they’re mixed in with such “serious” plot creates somewhat of a mood-whiplash. Even not taking the episode seriously at all, it’s a bit hard to laugh at the jokes when one’s paying attention to all the action instead. So I kind of felt that the jokes were a little forced this time around, but I do think it’s nice that P&S doesn’t forget its roots.

I think the source of most of my mixed feelings comes from the “true” ending of P&S that comes right after the credits. No, I won’t spoil it for you, but all I can say is that the people at Gainax are the masters of trolling.

Overall, this series was a fun one to watch. There were obviously good and bad episodes, but they all seemed rather unique compared to “usual” anime. To be honest, I’m not really the type who likes vulgar jokes, so the main thing pulling me in at first was just how cool the animation was. But this series eventually grew on me in a lot of ways, and it’s become my favorite series to watch and blog about (for this season).

Panty and Stocking is pretty much Cartoon Network cartoons—except for adults. And it does it pretty well. If I were to pinpoint exactly why I find this series so good, this is probably it. And of course, the music for this series helps too. (Best soundtrack of the season!)

I… really hope this series gets a second season. There’s one possibly hinted in the “true” ending, but I have no idea if it was just a joke or not. At this point, there’s a 50/50 chance of it happening, but… we’ll see! Because of the way this series is set up, there’s so much potential for many more seasons.

To end, this is a series that’s not for everyone. People who are enamored with the “usual” type of anime will probably hate this. However, if you want something different, or maybe even hate anime, then this might just be your thing.

This episode gets out of five:

This series as a whole gets out of five:


It was fun while it lasted. I'll miss you, Panty and Stocking anime.

3 thoughts on “Panty and Stocking Episode 13 (Final)

  1. Dominica December 27, 2010 / 7:06 pm

    This episode blew my mind. Gainax really are the masters of trolling. The fight scene reminded me of Evangelion a fair bit.. It sort of has the same organic grossness. But man, I hope there’s a new series.

  2. moeronpan December 27, 2010 / 11:42 pm

    I still havent seen the last episode so I dont know what the major troll is and hopefully wont spoil it for myself… but Maria+Holic had a pretty troll-ending, and then it got a second season announced 2 years or so later. Granted there’s a difference because Maria+Holic is based on an ongoing manga whereas Panty and Stocking is an original anime project….but one can hope. Sometimes troll endings are troll endings but sometimes they really do make a second season when everyone thinks they wont.

  3. SHUT UP MY MIND! September 7, 2013 / 6:18 pm

    Lol the key is breif’s dick! HA HAAA HAAAA HAA what’s the hell gate? WAIT…0.O is that…panty’s…thing…OMG I HAVE A DIRTYMIND!!!!

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