I still can't get over how big Chieko's head is. It's quite disconcerting sometimes.

Tsukimi and Kuranosuke get right into making their jellyfish-based skirt, with Chieko’s help, whilst Shuu continues to daydream about ‘after’ Tsukimi and angst about his current predicament with Shouko. After he finally tells her to leave him alone, she leads him to believe she is comitting suicide in anguish from rejection. However, Shuu seems to have had quite enough of her crap…
Soon Chieko, Jiji, Tsukimi and Kuranosuke are at Kuranosuke’s place and all pitching in to help with the dress, whilst Banba and Mayaya were given some money so that they’d go off for a shopping day and get out of everyone’s hair. Which means that there was no one at home to watch the place…

Shame on you, Shuu...you should be fantasizing about her with glasses on, she's way cuter with them.

fff Shuu ❤

Banba's moments of afro-fame amused me.

I'm so glad Tsukimi has retained her nerdiness.

ffff it’s the second-last episode of Kuragehime already, and its racing towards the climax. (Please don’t let it be the end, please let there be a second season…) And as for where this ‘climax’ is exactly headed….I really don’t know. This show has been quite unpredictable for the most part, and I’ve enjoyed the ride immensely.  Mostly I’m wondering where the unseen, BL-drawing Amamizukan-leader is and if we’ll ever get to see her.
What I’ve noticed is that nearly all the characters have been given time in the spotlight, however Jiji hasn’t been given as much time as everyone else, which is a shame because there’s something rather cute about her and her obsession with old men.
It’s also nice to see such progress with the skirt. Also, Shuu standing up for himself! (Which made me cheer. Alot. Man Shouko, why you gotta be so awful.
I  can hardly wait until the next episode…I just hope it won’t be some anime-only fabricated ending and that there will be a second season, as the manga is still going.

I never knew an 'old man-otaku' was even a thing until this show.


...my heart can't handre this NOOO DON'T CRY D:

The dress is quite pretty, but I want to see the more gown-like one Tsukimi envisioned.

Out of 5,