(From the opening) I wonder what's going on with Japan that there are so many girls falling from the sky...


It’s summer time, but Ryuji; your average highschool student, is forced to go to summer school. Once there, he’s kidnapped by his second cousin Eriko who immediately recruits him into her newly created treasure hunting organization. Ryuji (against his will) is forced to be Eriko’s accomplice in a heist, stealing what Eriko calls a “Lost Precious” from a shady group of guys.

BLATANT FANSERVICE! All I can say to this is, "B/"

Eriko is able to put the men to sleep with her magic cane (that summons magic butterflies) long enough for the both of them to steal the large suitcase that the men where trying to deliver. However, a short car chase soon follows, as the men aren’t going to give up their treasure THAT easily. During the chase, the case is shot open, revealing a blonde-haired girl who can shoot fire out of hands. Because of her “help,” Eriko and Ryuji are able to get away safely.


Hiding out at Ryuji’s home, it’s revealed that the girl can only speak one word—Ryuji’s name. But Ryuji claims that he’s never met her before! Shortly after, it’s revealed the the girl is actually a Red Dragon, based on the dragon scales she has on the back of one of her hands. The dragon girl is eventually given the name “Rose” and begins quickly learning the Japanese language through her two “caretakers” and TV.

I didn't laugh at this scene, though I do admit that the breaking of multiple physics laws displayed here is rather amusing.

I DID laugh here. Rose looks all, "Back off, BITCH"

Although life seems well by the next morning; the group’s breakfast is rudely interrupted by a scientist man on a helicopter.

My Opinion:

I’ll be totally honest here—I’m a lot less tolerable of fanservicey series than Moeronpan is. It’s not than I’m a prude about fanservice—a little fanservice here and there is okay. Hell, even A LOT of fanservice in a series is okay, if it only happens in one or two episodes out of the season. It’s only when a series is fully based around fanservice that I get really annoyed (i.e. Queen’s Blade and the like). That being said, I… actually somewhat liked this series.

My expectations for Dragon Crisis! were pretty much rock-bottom when I watched the first episode to review it. It seemed like a more “fanservice-oriented” series from screenshots on other sites. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t ALL fanservice. Sure, there IS quite a bit of said service—and I thought the episode kind of went downhill for a bit when Eriko was introduced and the producers were too busy going, “LOOK, BOOBIES!”—but fanservice isn’t the sole selling point of the series, thank goodness.

The plot, I admit, is pretty damn cliche when you think about it. “An average school-boy gets dragged into a crazy adventure!” “Oh look, a mysterious and magical girl!” “Oh look, a girl that can only say one word cutely! Bonus points if it’s the main character’s name!” Still, the premise of the girl being a “dragon” is somewhat slightly more unique than others. And hey, at least she didn’t fall “from the sky” like the OP hinted at (and so many other series use as a “plot device”).

Also, Rose is pretty damn adorable.

The animation—is actually pretty decent considering this is Studio DEEN we’re talking about. From reading the Hetalia reviews, I was afraid this would be super QUALITY. Fortunately, it’s not. At least, not in this episode. The screenshots I have make this series look like crap—but that’s because the art style in Dragon Crisis! is so simplistic. The simplistic look was probably so Deen could animate things faster, but it also makes the series look a bit “artistic.” (Oh my goodness, calling Deen “artistic”? Has hell frozen over already?)

Putting aside the fact that it’s lol-Deen, I rather like the art style. It gives the series a rather calming feel—at least until all the fanservice hijinks and hyperactive magic girl syndrome kicks in. The really noticeable dip in quality only occurred during the car-chase, though I think it was still done decently… considering who is animating this.

As for the characters themselves, I kind of wish that their character designs weren’t so… flat. Ryuji is the worst offender in this, probably because he’s a guy and “who cares about the male characters, amirite?” I do kind of like that there aren’t any weird hair colors among the regular populace, though. All of Ryuji’s classmates have hair normal for Asian students—black to dark brown. It makes Rose stand out much more, even though she too has a normal hair color (blonde). Personality-wise… Ryuji continues to be the most bland. Though Rose comes close to being the “most annoying” so far because her voice (while cute) could probably deafen someone if they listened to it long enough…

Note that the main character Ryuji is on the left. These two look just a bit TOO similar for me to be comfortable with. Come on, Deen, couldn't you have at least given them different eye colors...?

If everything above was TLDR; the basic gist of it is: I liked the first episode overall. I don’t even know why—this series leans a bit too far on the fanservice scale to my liking, and the plot isn’t really anything unique (and even ends up being a bit cheesy at times)—but I really DID like this first ep. It’s weird. I’ll probably go and review episodes 2-3 as a lump review (because I have midterms coming up already eeek), and decide from there if I want to take on this series in its entirety. Because at this point, it could really go either way.

A surprisingly good series if you’re not expecting it. Out of five:



It was around this point that I went: "Hmm... why does Ryuji's voice sound so familiar--OH SHIT, IT'S KEIMA."