Straight to the point.

Apparently earth is already crawling with aliens and humans are just too dumb to realize, until a sizeable craft crashes into the area that our main character Yukitaka has moved to (in order to play baseball for a school there). A media blitz ensues, yet unknown to them, the alien who was in the craft has taken up residence with Yukitaka himself. Highly eccentric, he is able to take the form of(a rather androgynous) man. Although the crash apparently gave him amnesia, he does remember to go and retrieve a certain object from the crash site which shows his true form. In the process he is branded a runaway murderer and will presumably have to stay with Yukitaka for his safety.

I bet they are going to mass-produce those things.

A few things; although I knew this was based on a rather old (considering) manga (1995 to be exact), I always assumed it was seinen and not from Shonen Jump, and never knew it was by Togashi, that one guy who did HunterxHunter and YuYu Hakusho. Also, our alien’s name (although it isn’t mentioned in this episode) is Baka Ki El Dogra (yes) and he is voiced by Daisuke Namikawa who is kind of my favourite seiyuu. One more, it’s got the best opening I’ve seen of the new season.
I came pretty close to not watching this but I’m glad I did. Baka is a riot (made all the moreso by his voice) and there’s just something really refreshing about an ‘alien comes to live with your average guy!’ anime where the alien isn’t some moe girl with giant tits and wacky fanservice hijinks!. Things look pretty promising at this point; besides the very smooth animation there’s plenty of comedy (the random ET reference was pretty brilliant), hints at drama to come, hints at romance to come,  and hints of homoerotica to come. (Hear that scratching noise? It’s the pens of a thousand doujinshi artists.) and even a cute cat! As for the low points, as great as Baka is, Yukitaka isn’t exactly compelling and potential love-interest Miho even less so. But it is the first episode, so we’ll just have to see on that. I might blog it, I might not. To be honest, this season’s been a little dull so I’ll probably just stick with this and Magica Madoka if anything.

This scene was really pretty too.

Out of 5,