Back from it's random hiatus! Welcome to 2011, Hetalia!

A good chunk of this episode is a short lesson about Lithuania’s past and the various enemies he has made – Prussia (or the Teutonic Knights as he as previously known as)in particular, who wants to convert him from Polytheism – and Hungary is kind enough to give him a quick primer on the other guys he ought to watch out for.
Then there’s more of Deen thinking that the ‘Nihon-kun and America-kun’ sections still haven’t gotten painfully old yet – this time, with America gushing over bento from a convenience store, before we get into one of the most modern strips, set in 2008. It features a bit of triva news -how a bunch of baby turtles went off course and invaded a coastal restaurant in Italy’s Calabria –  and is brought to you by Romano and Spain.

Nothing escapes Hungary's eyes.

...okay what the hell happened to the backgrounds here. They were fine 2 seconds ago and now they look like a grade-schooler's art project.

My face looks exactly like Japan's during these segments.

wow romano since when was your mouth so hot

It’s funny how you start to miss Hetalia during the absences it has sometimes, but when it comes back it’s like it never left. Little Lithuania and Hungary, as well as Prussia acting like a tard, makes an amusing segment…but what’s interesting is how Deen built slightly on the picture of Wallachia that comes up when Hungary gives the rundown on potential enemies. He’s(?) still only shown from behind, though, and I wouldn’t really hold my breath on him becoming an actual character, but you never really know I guess.  It’s pretty wtf that they did this with Wallachia and not Holland who is actually a character, back in that one episode.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Japan and America are just not funny or even that interesting together. Every time there’s another one of these, I think to myself “at least that’s the last one” because I honestly couldn’t remember any others, then it turns out there’s more because they were in fact, so boring, that I forgot all about them. Unfunniness aside, this one also strikes me as kind of odd. America starts wishing that he, like Japan, had something like 24/7 convenience stores. Himaruya lived in New York so he was obviously writing this from experience, but…. are there really no 24/7 convenience stores in the US, or are they super rare, or are they just not in New York, or within the area Himaruya lived? Because I honestly can’t really believe that, so the whole segment is pretty odd. Unless, of course, America was talking about the kind of food you can buy 24/7 in the japanese convenience stores, which are pretty cool (and damn cheap, the hamburger bento America has there would probably be like 300-400 yen). Even so, Mcdonalds is 24/7 and I really can’t see America caring about a deli over maccas. But whatever he meant, it’s hardly the most riveting Hetalia material.
Spain and Romano getting swarmed by turtles is far better. I’m also glad they left in the explanation as to what the hell was even going on and what the reference was. Himaruya needs to draw more random, silly news stories like this in manga format.

I agree, Romano...Spain's whiteness and horrible shirt in the anime make me sad too.

I love how Spain doesn't even bat an eye.

they'd adore you more if the colours in this cap didn't hurt my eyes so much 😐

If turtles really sounded like those noises they made, I'd get one.

Out of 5,