Everything's better with kitties.

…It turns out that Baka’s  real form is not, actually, a creepy shapeshifting slimebug thing, but that is actually his pet, and his ‘true form’ is someone who wants a pet like that. Anyway, as Baka’s royal guards – Kraft, Sade and Colin – come to try to find him, we get to learn a bit more about the aliens that live on earth alongside humans – which includes the Disckonians, enemies of  the Dogurians; Baka’s race. The guards try to exercise caution in what is essentially Disckonian territory, but Baka continues to cause more trouble for both them and Yukitaka by disappearing again. Miho reveals herself to be more than the girl next door – she’s a huge believer in aliens and takes Baka for one instantly, deciding to aid Yukitaka in finding him…when they do, however, he has ‘killed’ what he thought was a human thug, but what turns out to be a Disckonian. So much for caution.

Kraft and Sade, Baka's guards...I love them already.

Way to make yourself look even more like a girl.

Don't lobsters also have blue blood?

Level E’s plot is already taking off with the proper introduction of a bunch of new characters, including Baka’s guards but also a much more about Miho. As for Miho…I’m really glad. I was certain she was going to be a typical, paper-flat love interest, but to see that she’s actually really awesome (and kind of an alien fan it seems) is a pleasant surprise. Her, Yukitaka and Baka all have potential for some good comedy between them.
It’s Baka’s guards that steal the episode, though…when he’s not doing it himself, at least, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of them and their interactions with each other and the main cast.  This whole business with the Disckonians (so that’s why so many people in this town are unnaturaly creepy!) could lead to some interesting drama. How this comedy series is going to handle that remains to be seen. In short, another strong episode in a series showing quite a lot of promise.
Also the cat is a spy-camera, go figure.

Namikawa can do the cutest voices hnngh

Can Sade fill the megane-void that Shuu left when Kuragehime ended? ...Probably not, but he's still pretty awesome.

everyone: hurrwut

Out of 5,