"Stay the hell away from me, creepy scientist dude."

Episode 2:

The scientist guy from the end of the last episode is revealed to be named Tokura—and he’s a “dragon researcher.” He quickly takes Ryuji, Rose, and Eriko back to his laboratory headquarters in order to run some tests on Rose. While there, Ryuji is stated to be a “Level 10 Breaker;” what exactly that means isn’t fully explained yet. (Eriko is a Level 7.)

Ryuji's classmates. I'm sure we'll learn more about them in later episodes.

While learning more about Rose/dragons in general, Ryuji finally remembers that he met Rose before; a long time ago. However, when Ryuji gets a call from his mom for the first time in years (who cares more about the dragon than Ryuji), he becomes upset and wishes to go home, upsetting Rose in the process.

Before he can leave, however; a Black Dragon man shows up, completely obliterating the lab’s personal army. He introduces himself as “Onyx,” and says that Rose is his fiancée, based on the necklace she’s wearing. The necklace signifies a bond of engagement. Ryuji and Eriko are unable to do anything because Onyx is so powerful, so Rose leaves of her own accord, in order to save Ryuji…

Onyx. I don't really like this guy too much, but I have to grudgingly admit that he IS pretty bishonen... hmph.

Episode 3:

While Rose and Onyx are at his hiding place (in some kind of tower), Onyx reveals the reason why he wants to be engaged to Rose so badly—an engagement allows him to gain more power, thus allowing him to gather all the Lost Precious in the world. Rose does not want any part in this, and tries multiple times to escape. Unfortunately, Onyx (being a full-grown dragon) is much too powerful for her.

At first, I thought this dagger was kind of lame, but it actually turned out to be pretty cool.

Back at the lab, Ryuji decides to aid Eriko in rescuing Rose, and gains a Lost Precious of his own: A magic sword named “Slash Breath.” After acquiring a magical weapon, Ryuji and Eriko (followed by Tokura), locate Onyx just as he and Rose are about to be “engaged.” Because Onyx threatened to kill Ryuji before, Rose has no choice but to pretend that she hates Ryuji, in an attempt to drive him away.

*insert any "Onyx is a pedo" jokes here*

This plan backfires since Ryuji ends up confessing his love for Rose, whereupon Rose quickly goes back to Ryuji’s side. Ryuji then breaks the necklace with Slash Breath, nullifying the engagement. Onyx quickly reverts back to his real dragon form in order to kill the Ryuji and Rose, but the two “engage” instead, knocking Onyx out—for now.


I can't believe how hard I "D'AAAAWWWWED" here. GDI I'm such a romantic at heart...

After all is said and done, Ryuji decides to stay with Rose, even though Onyx will probably make an attempt on both of their lives now. What happens next? Only time will tell.


Eriko, I guess you aren't too bad when the producers aren't using you as fanservice bait.

My Opinion:

Dragon Crisis! so far has just gotten better and better. Episode 1 hooked me somehow, despite its cheesy-ness; and Episode 2 and 3 have had me sold. Sure, the story is still somewhat cheesy and cliché—but it’s entertaining, at least. And I think that’s what really matters.

The series has really improved now that fanservice has taken a back-seat. (Seriously, the fanservice in episode 1 was just painful to watch.) Episode 2 was a bit drawn-out, but I did find it interesting that they spent all that time elaborating about dragons. (Based on the opening and ending, there are more magical creatures to come?) And I have to say, episode 3 was the best so far, in terms of action/fantasy/what-have-you.

Although “engagements” in anime are pretty old hat, the addition of the Lost Precious artifacts give it another interesting spin. Ryuji’s Slash Breath seems a bit too “game-breaking” and duex-ex-machina at the moment, but I hope that can only mean bigger and better fights in the future.

Gushing aside, there are still a few complaints I have about the Dragon Crisis! series. The animation is somewhat consistent at least, but there are some very noticeable parts where the animation is much lower par against the rest of the episode. Not TOO bad, though; considering who’s animating this. (*coughDeencough*) Also… is it just me, or is the contrast/brightness set waaaay too high in this series? Maybe it’s just my computer monitor, but there were some scenes that were honestly GLARING to watch, and it sort of hurt my eyes (and makes for bad screencaps!).

Minor quibblings aside (you can thank Gosick for making me use that word), I’ve enjoyed this series greatly so far, so I’ll be blogging it. Let’s just hope this quality keeps up—the preview of the next episode reveals that it’s the dreaded BEACH EPISODE that every series is required to have. Ugh…

Out of five:

Episode 2:

Episode 3: