We're off to a fabulous start.

To the Hetalia fans among this blog’s readers: the movie is now out on (Japanese)DVD! Unfortunately I have to wait about 3 or so more days for mine to ship as it’s shipping with the HMO Miku, so I won’t have my special edition DVD until it arrives 1-2 weeks after that. But look forward to a big review for it then!
Middle-ages England always ends up adopting the latest fashion trends in France, even if he thinks they’re incredibly silly at first. After he continues to sulk about not being able to grow his hair long, he soon finds France showing off his latest fashion – super girly tunics that are popular with the youth. It seems that across time, the elderly never understand ‘kids these days’.
Spain seems to be more interested in France’s tunic, going as far as to flatter him, but Romano – well versed in Spain’s body-language by now – knows he isn’t as interested as he pretends to be. We get to see what Spain looks like when he’s really interested in something, and it’s freaking creepy.
Finally England decides to hatch a Cunning Plan – to go undercover in France, suss out the emerging trends, and adopt them before France himself can. He comes face to face with one latest fashion trend, literally…to his dismay, it’s the infamous codpiece.

Can you handle all this fab.

So Spain grades clothes on how well you can hide sweets in them...

This face is awesome.

A nice return to the usual Hetalia hilarity mixed with obscure historical trivia indeed. It works great as an episode as the anime as all these strips are joined, thus there’s a perfect flow instead of the at-times jarring jumping about all over the timeline within the space of 5 minutes that we typically get.  My medieval knowledge concerning youth fashion unfortunately only goes as far as what I can see from period paintings/tapestries/what have you, but France’s girly tunic seem like it would fit right in there. The ‘girly tunic’ is a pretty popular outfit of his in fandom, actually (I have a (male) cosplayer friend who is making it right now) so it’s kind of a bummer that this is, to my memory, the only time you actually see him wearing the thing.  I only wish the rest of Europe could have followed his fabulous example and gotten in on the girly tunic fun. But no, Spain is still stuck with his poorly coloured Deenclothes. At least he was a crack-up, though, with his creepyass reactions. Wait, doesn’t Spain really like Romano too? Really makes you wonder if he ever reacts quite like that over him…
The best part of the episode was clearly England’s run-in with the codpiece, though; a fateful encounter sure to span many a fanart. (Deen’s frighteningly lovingly detailed rendition of said codpiece was pretty hilarious too).

yeah waaaaaay too excited to be holding a sword there spain.

...the hell kind of fashion is that.

ffuuuu the shadow

Out of 5,