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Another fabulous start.

In the middle ages again, Spain and France are in the midst of an epic battle for Romano when Spain unexpectedly wins. The rest of the episode is Romano being a cute little brat, France whingeing, Belgium getting her first (proper) appearance along with Holland/Netherlands, and then Spain having fun poking Romano’s squishy face. Hetalia was never going to win any nobel prizes for its writing.

This must be so damn painful.

...I should not find injured Spain as attractive as I do.

this too.

Yaaay Swiss cameo.


I didn’t actually expect this strip was going to be animated, because in the manga it ran like a redone version of the early Boss Spain and Chibi Romano strips (for example it contained, again, Spain teaching Romano Osaka-ben Spanish, and then Romano trying it out on Belgium instead of the queen of spain like in the original. Obviously since the original was already animated, if Deen animated this exactly as it was in the manga there’d be a bit of a plothole, but all they had to do was take out the Spanish teaching segment. Of course, Romano still tries the ‘Spanish’ out on Belgium but there’s the sense that he remembers it from last time. Basically, Belgium is in this episode! And that makes me very, very happy. Belgium is actually one of my favourite characters for some reason (despite her rather limited appearances), and although she had a cameo in the first episode at the World Conference, she looked very different back then and was almost a completely different character. Now that her character is fleshed out, she seems a very adorable and bouncy girl. I want her as my friend. I also want to see her in modern-times (aside from her part in the 2010-11 Christmas Bloodbath). Her voice is also incredibly adorable, and in short I’m pretty happy with Anime-Belgium.
Too bad the same can’t be said for Anime-Holland, who is pretty terrible. Fluro yellow is not his colour, his armour looks shitty, he only said one line but his voice didn’t seem that good when he said it. I got the sense that Deen really didn’t give a damn about him. Hell, when he appears he merely slides into the background (quality Deen animation) for no damn reason, instead of being seen walking past or something.  He’s potentially suffered the worst manga to anime transition out of everyone. While his treatment dampens the episode for me, Fabulous-France, Belgium and the copious amounts of adorable Spain-Romano interaction does make up for it, a little.

yayayay belgium 8D

Romano looks a bit tall here.

d'aaaaaw I love her, she's adorable.

what. Deen, no, that is fucking terrible, why. ....and check out the quality armour.

Ending on a cute note.

Out of 5,